Posted from OUT Traveler Jackie Collins’ Seven Favorite Things To Do In LA The author shares her seven favorite things about living in the City of Angels. By Andrew Belonsky Las Vegas is in some ways an even more ostentatious suburb of Los Angeles. The cities are about a five hour drive from one another,

Publishers Weekly Reviews The Power Trip

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Taken from Publishers Weekly The Power Trip Jackie Collins, St. Martin’s, $27.99 (544p) ISBN 9780312567477 In Collin’s latest, five couples are invited aboard Russian billionaire Aleksandr Kasianenko’s yacht to celebrate the birthday of his supermodel girlfriend, Bianca. During the week away from it all, Taye Sherwin, a famous, black British footballer and his wife, Ashley,

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How I Make It Work

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Posted from The Sunday Times, UK DO YOU HAVE A DAILY ROUTINE? I’m up at seven and usually write a couple of sentences to get me going, then I have some coffee. I don’t eat breakfast. I always put on make-up, as I don’t like sitting there bare-faced, and I’ll start writing properly at about

Chick Lit

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by Sara Laurence All the classic Collins characters are here: sexy people, famous people, powerful people and nasty people, all thrown together on a Russian billionaire’s brand new super yacht, cruising the coast of Mexico for his supermodel girlfriend’s week-long, beyond-fabulous birthday party. Five of the world’s most glamorous, powerful and famous couples are invited

My favorite story about Valentine’s Day goes like this: One very beautiful Hollywood wife—married to a man 20 years older than she—is having an affair with a hunky young actor who’s just hit it big on a TV show. Valentine’s Day is approaching, and both men want to buy her something substantial. “An important piece

Reposted from OUT Magazine BY MARIA BUSTILLOS It’s Jackie’s world — we just live in it.   The late film director Louis Malle once referred to Jackie Collins as “a raunchy moralist.” She recently told me, “It’s my favorite description of me.” I can’t say I agree, exactly. The best-selling author of 29 books that have

Heat Books of 2012

Super excited to see The Power Trip made Heat’s “Book of the Year” list!

JC Interview with Mirror Online

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By Antonia Hoyle. Reposted from Mirror Online ‘Sex should be fun and equal…not about getting tied up': Jackie Collins on why her bonkbusters will never be like 50 Shades of Grey Jackie Collins, 75, has just released her 29th novel and sold a staggering 500 million copies since starting out in the 60s SHE is the

Jackie on Channel Nine Mornings – Australia

October 10, 2012: Author Jackie Collins talks to the Channel 9 “Mornings” show in Australia about her new novel, The Power Trip Intro: Ladies, it’s time to throw away your copy of ’50 Shades’ because the latest page turner to heat things up in the bedroom has just landed in bookstores. ‘The Power Trip’ is

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