Goddess of Vengeance U.S. Book Tour

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Here are some photos from my recent GOV US book tour.

All plotlines lead to Vegas in this latest installment of Collins’ saga of the irrepressible and seemingly immortal Lucky Santangelo. Lucky is convening her family at The Keys, her lavish hotel/casino/condo empire in Las Vegas. The occasion is the 18th birthday of Max, her daughter with latest husband (and soul mate) Lennie. Son Bobby, wildly successful as

PIERS MORGAN TONIGHT Interview with Jackie Collins; aired October 15, 2011 MORGAN: Jackie Collins has sold 400 million copies of her books, quite extraordinary. And if you read even one of them, you know this about Jackie. She’s no shrinking violet. Her latest is “Goddess of Vengeance.” And Jackie Collins joins me now. What a

Hey everyone, Wow!  I have been wicked busy promoting the U.S. launch of “Goddess of Vengeance.”  First in the U.K. where it was number one, and this last six weeks in the U.S. where we are riding high on the New York Times bestseller list.  Yes!  Thanks to all my loyal and terrific readers.  I love

Jackie on “LAsThePlace.com”

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Cat Greenleaf’s fab interview with Jackie on on the “Talk Stoop” in the rain.

Jackie on “eXtra”

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Jackie on “The Nate Berkus Show”

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Watch Jackie go head-to-head with Nate Berkus in a ping pong match!

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How Jackie Collins Writes Those Steamy Sex Scenes.

Jackie on “boyculture.com” Part 2

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What Jackie would be if she wasn’t a writter…

Jackie on “WeArePopStar”

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