Lovers and Gamblers

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Lovers and Gamblers

A blockbuster... for anyone who wants to know what it is really like in the superstar belt... one helluva good read!


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Synopsis of Lovers and Gamblers

The book that left burn marks on night tables across two continents, Lovers and Gamblers has become a scorching bestseller and a Jackie Collins classic…

It features two of her most memorable characters:

Al King, the rock-and-roll super stud who is everything any sex-crazed groupie ever imagined her hero to be.

Dallas, the beauty queen whose sky-high ambitions stem from a sordid secret—the type that tabloids tingle to tell.

Together, they’re on a wild ride from London to New York, from Hollywood to Rio and the steaming jungles of the Amazon—where all their dreams and nightmares are about to come true…LOVERS & GAMBLERS

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8 Responses to “Lovers and Gamblers”

  1. Leslie Trickey says : Reply

    Thank you for a great book, I fell in love with your books first with Luck and now have started reading several older books. My question is: Do Al and Dallas show up in any other books.

    Thanks again

  2. David says : Reply

    What a fantastic book! I began reading Jackie’s books with Hollywood Wives and then went back to her earlier books. Jackie just keeps getting better and better. Singing sensation, Al King sizzles his way across America. Ambitious beauty queen, Dallas scrambles her way to the top of the heap, desparate to put her lurid past behind her. When Al and Dallas finally meet, the flames of passion burn with a white hot heat. Totally readable and entertaining.

  3. Monica says : Reply

    This book is fantastic.I lovese characters.Al King is one of my all-time favorite characters of yours.I´ve read this so many times I stopped counting how many.This book is a true Jackie Collins classic!

  4. Oleg Azariev says : Reply

    Excellent novel. Read it with pleasure. Very vigorous. Very emotional. Very dynamic. And it is very fascinating.

  5. Meagan says : Reply

    I wanted to know if you ever considered bringing back either Dallas or Al King..or both! This is one of my favorite books ever and I would love to read more abut those 2 characters. And plans to do a sequel?

  6. Dilyana says : Reply

    What a great book! Thank you Jackie. I just finished reading it.
    Yes, I have the same question as the otehrs. Do you plan to tell us more about Al King. I nearly felt in love with him.

  7. Laura says : Reply

    One of my all time favorite Jackie Collins book, and that says a LOT since I love them all!

    I have two requests; please bring Al and Dallas back in another book as lead characters, still together, with where they are now, ties to other characters from at least one other novel, kids, their kids’ issues and plenty of hot sex. I always loved these characters and would love to see them after they finally come out of their self imposed exile after having been rescued. Seeing them deal with becoming a part of the world again and then progressing to current day would be fascinating.

    My other request would be to please have this book become available digitally, the sooner, the better. My iPad goes everywhere with me and I have every one of your books that is available digitally in my library. I’ve been dying to add this one to my collection!

    Thanks Jackie! Can’t wait to read the Santangelos as I am a HUGE Gino and Lucky fan!! Chances is truly one of the best books I’ve ever read by any author. Between the years it spans and the history of those years and how you incorporated that true history perfectly into the story, which gives the book an incredibly authentic feel, to the Characters of Gino, Costa, Maria, Lucky, Dario, Marco, Olympia and Dimitri, which you brilliantly wrote so they could easily be brought back into future books in a natural way, I was a fan before I finished the first chapter!

    Best Wishes and thanks for the hours of getting lost into your stories!


  8. Lisa says : Reply

    Will you be releasing Lovers and Gamblers on an eBook? I’ve read my paperback to SHREDS over the last 30-or-so years, and it’s been @ least 4 years now since I’ve last DEVOURED the book; I’ve searched EVERYWHERE for this on an eBook version without success, but I’d love to have “hope” that it (and EVERY OTHER book you’ve written) will become available. I’ve been reading your books since 7th grade and re-read them over and over until they literally fall apart, probably well over 20 times each!) & then I have to buy another……PLEASE PLEASE get ALL of your books made available as eBooks, I’m CRAVING some re-reads, ESPECIALLY Lovers and Gamblers. Thank you, keep these books coming….for as long as they’re written I’ll be reading……

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