Mr. Media is recorded live before a studio audience of chick lit novelists who aren’t talented enough to dust Jackie Collins’ stack of writing pads… in the NEW new media capital of the world, St. Petersburg, Florida! Originally appeared in Mr. Media   By Bob Andelman The first time Jackie Collins was a guest on

I’m doing something a little different this holiday season to say thanks for such a great year.

Can you name all of my novels?

Monday, 14 November 2011 by

Here’s a fun trivia game one of my readers found.  Can you name all 28 books?  Give it a try and let me know how you scored! No cheating now!

PIERS MORGAN TONIGHT Interview with Jackie Collins; aired October 15, 2011 MORGAN: Jackie Collins has sold 400 million copies of her books, quite extraordinary. And if you read even one of them, you know this about Jackie. She’s no shrinking violet. Her latest is “Goddess of Vengeance.” And Jackie Collins joins me now. What a

Hey everyone, Wow!  I have been wicked busy promoting the U.S. launch of “Goddess of Vengeance.”  First in the U.K. where it was number one, and this last six weeks in the U.S. where we are riding high on the New York Times bestseller list.  Yes!  Thanks to all my loyal and terrific readers.  I love

I don’t know what happens to me when I finish a book – I seem to go through weeks of doing nothing, when actually I am catching up on all the things I should’ve been doing while I was writing!  Other writers will understand the drill.  Get up.  Get coffee.  Get writing.  Because if you

Oprah the Great!

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Next week we say goodbye to Oprah, an American institution.  She has been around so long that she almost seems part of the family.  We’ve seen her through fat and thin, scandal and rumor, the heartbreak of 9/11, and the guru who could create a huge bestselling book just by mentioning the title, and help

Hey everyone, Whew… back from London almost a week and celebrating the fact that “Goddess of Vengeance” is #1 in the UK.  Whew!  All that hard work was worth it.  And it is hard work.  Endless radio and TV shows getting asked the same questions, always trying to respond as if it’s the first time

UK Radio Interviews

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If you missed them live here are some links for you to listen to! Enjoy, Jackie Interview with Richard Bacon on BBC Radio 5 Interview with Graham Norton on BBC Radio 2 Interview with Robert Elms on BBC Radio London Interview with GaydarRadio

Lucky And London!!!!!

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Hey everybody, Well here I am in good old London, and loving every minute!!  The weather is great, the British sense of humor is intact, and nothing has changed … although there is a lot of talk about the royal wedding.  I will be back in the US by then, and talking about it on

Australia Radio Interviews

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In case you missed them! Jackie Interview with Cam & Lisa Interview with Andrew & Claire

Hey everyone, Just finished doing a slew of interviews for the launch of “Goddess of Vengeance” in Australia – three satellite T.V. appearances, and seventeen other radio shows and press interviews.  Whew!  And next week I am off to London to promote “Goddess of Vengeance” there.  It’s exciting – especially as “Goddess of Vengeance” is