Sexy Bobby S. and Guilty Pleasures

Tuesday, 13 April 2010 by

The highlight of my week – a fab evening at the YaYa Boutique ( in El Segundo, meeting the incredible ladies of the Guilty Pleasures Book Club.  They all had a copy of “Poor Little Bitch Girl,” and they were all in lust with Bobby Santangelo Stanislopolous!  It was so much fun talking to them,

Thank you to all of my fans who joined the live UStream chat with me on April 1st.  I loved answering your questions, and hope you had as much fun as I did!  I know many of you missed it, and unfortunately we did not record it … but I’m looking forward to doing another

I know my fans have lots of question to ask about Lucky, Gino, the sizzling romance between Bobby and Denver and when my autobiography will be out…to name a few. That’s why I want everyone to join me LIVE on UStream.TV this Thursday, April 1st from 9:30-10:00 AM PST (12:30-1:00 PM ET) for the first ever

I spent quite a large chunk of the weekend reading your autograph requests and signing photographs.  There was a backup of mail due to the launching of the new website, but all of you who sent in for personally autographed photos should be receiving them soon!  I loved all of your comments, it’s interesting and

Hey everyone, What a week, full of surprises, the biggest one being yet another cheating Hollywood husband – this time it’s Jesse James, the husband of the very lovely and talented Sandra Bullock.  I have known Sandra for many years – ever since she played the innocent Maria Santangelo in my NBC mini-series “Lucky Chances.” 

Hey everyone, I’ve been thinking about how dumb it was to leave out a tribute to Farrah Fawcett at the Oscar’s.  Whoever made that decision is an idiot.  Farrah did plenty of movies, plus she was a pop culture icon.  Shame on the Academy – of which Farrah was a member. A lot of you

Oscars, Jane Fonda and ‘Burgers!

Monday, 08 March 2010 by

So today I am recovering from the fab Vanity Fair Oscar Party.  The VF Oscar Party is always the best.  Starting with a viewing dinner at 5:30 it goes way into the night, and I eventually got home at 2 AM!!! Sitting at the dinner with Jane Fonda and her boyfriend, record producer Richard Perry,

Just back from New Orleans, which was total insanity – and I loved it!  The city itself is so wild and wonderful, especially the French Quarter, where I ended up on Saturday night sharing Hurricanes with a group of friends at Pat O’s, while we watched the parade of drunken bride-to-be’s and so called studs

From Mario Lopez to “Nip/Tuck”

Monday, 22 February 2010 by

So… another interesting week.  I started off visiting the set of “eXTRA” and enjoying some laughs with the very sexy Mario Lopez.  We riffed on “The Bachelor, and later did a sit-down interview.  Then it was off to the “KTLA Morning News” for an interview with Sam Rubin.  It was Sam’s birthday so there was

The Latest from my PLBG tour

Tuesday, 16 February 2010 by

So… I had every intention of writing a daily blog during my last weeks trip to promote “Poor Little Bitch Girl” in New York.  But who knew I wouldn’t have a second! From the moment I arrived it was all go.  Several TV shows each day, radio satellite tours, meetings with major bloggers, and everything

On Making The Santangelo Movies

Tuesday, 16 February 2010 by

I have made two NBC mini-series about The Santangelos, which I wrote and executive produced. What fun! What a trip! I love making movies of my books and watching the characters come alive. The first mini-series was Lucky/Chances — a combination of the two books ‘Lucky’ and ‘Chances’. We shot in and around L.A. and

Poor Little Bitch Girl Tour – Day 1

Monday, 08 February 2010 by

Day one. Chaos!! 20 phoners starting very early for 5 hours straight. Crazy but fun. Then pre interviews for all the upcoming T.V. shows. Then a great and interesting meeting with a group of really terrific and smart major bloggers. More phoners. Then off to a cocktail party for Sandra Bullock. She is so adorable,