How Jackie Collins Writes Those Steamy Sex Scenes.

Jackie on “” Part 2

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What Jackie would be if she wasn’t a writter…

Jackie on “WeArePopStar”

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Jackie on “RT Book Reviews”

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Jackie Collins on Goddess of Vengeance and what’s next for Lucky Santangelo

Jackie on “”

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JACKIE COLLINS Would Love ANGELINA JOLIE to Play Lucky Santangelo

Jackie on “The Today Show”

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Jackie’s 28th book, “Goddess of Vengeance,” has just been released! Here’s a summary of what you can expect this time from Lucky Santangelo

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Hey everyone, Well, Christmas is here again, and doesn’t seem like just a couple of months ago we were celebrating Christmas 2009?  Oh wow – time goes fast when you’re having fun! Here are my Christmas wishes for you in 2010 … Stay happy Stay healthy Stay positive Stay stress-free Stay loving And most of