Adapted from Jackie Collins’ best-selling novel of the same name, this glittery made-for-TV movie stars three veteran divas as the “newest” generation of Tinseltown spouses.

Power! Sex! Money! Fame! — the new Hollywood Wives are back with a vengeance.  Whatever they don’t have, they want — and whatever these women want, they get. Unlike their counterparts in the ’80s, who were happy to give charity dinners and exclusive parties to further their husbands’ careers, today’s Hollywood wives are hungry to … Continue reading “Hollywood Wives: The New Generation”

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Hollywood Kids

Friday, 17 June, 1994

Wherever there’s money and glamour, trouble can’t be too far behind. In Hollywood Kids Jackie Collins takes her readers back to the Hollywood Hills for another absorbing page-turner of sex, ambition, and deadly revenge. At the novel’s core is the Hollywood Five, a clique of jaded twenty-somethings whose parents (all major players) thought that child-rearing … Continue reading “Hollywood Kids”

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