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Hi everyone!

As we move into fall I wonder to myself, where did the summer go?  I know where mine went, sitting behind my desk writing “The Santangelos.”  Earlier in the year I finished writing Confessions of a Wild Child,” the story of Lucky Santangelo as a teenager discovering life, love and boys.  Working on being a strong woman with a ‘take no prisoners’ attitude.  Yes!  Girls can do anything—and Lucky proves it!

In “The Santangelos” the focus is still on Lucky, but also center stage is her irascible wild little daughter, Max—now living in London.  And the very irresistible Bobby Santangelo Stanisloupolos.  Plenty of new characters too.  But you’ll have to wait to find out the dramas that are coming your way!

And talking of coming your way, I have also finished The Lucky Santangelo Cookbook,” due out in April, just in time for Mothers Day!  It’s a fun book, full of really great recipes, illustrations of Lucky, and scenes I have written about the Santangelo family.  I hope you are going to love it!

So . . . as you can tell, I have been busy, busy, busy, not a moment to spare . . . . although, let us not forget I am a true TV addict, so naturally I am keeping up with all the new shows.  Highly recommended are The Blacklist and Hostages.’  Both edge of your seat nail-biters.  And I like the new sit-coms—Mom and The Goldbergs.’  Saying goodbye toDexterand Breaking Bad was a sad day indeed.  Such great shows, such great acting.  For late night relaxation try the Jimmy Kimmel Show—brilliant and original comedy.  What could be funnier than his ‘Baby Bachelor’ skits.  The man has a knack for always getting it right.

Naturally I still find time for music, and my two current faves are

Work Bitch by the never boring Britney, and Coming Homeby the always fab and very sexy Drake.

Thank you so much for all your lovely Tweets and messages, it is so nice to feel a rapport with the people who read and enjoy my books, it means a lot to me.  Oh yes, and I hope you are sending me your confessions of when you were a wild child.  Juicy stuff!

I also want to thank you for supporting my daughter, Rory Samantha Green’s first novel, Playing Along—a quirky romantic trip involving the music business.  She is getting brilliant reviews and I am major proud!  Playing Along is available on Amazon and Kindle, etc.

Well, back to my desk.  Thinking of you all with many good thoughts and let’s keep in touch!

Stay safe and happy—

With love,


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2 thoughts on “Confessions…”

  1. Hi, I just finished confessions of a wild child…it was great! Now I want to read the next one that follows up where this one ended with Gino ready to walk Lucky down the isle to get married to Camden!! What is the next book so I can follow Lucky?
    Thank you!!, Darlene

  2. I am lost on how many books I have read. Can anyone put them in date order so I can figure out which ones I have yet to read.
    I am dying for a new book and I only read Jackie Collins.

    Thank you.

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