Autographs, Stephen Fry, and naughty zippers!

Monday, 29 March, 2010 / Published in Blog

I spent quite a large chunk of the weekend reading your autograph requests and signing photographs.  There was a backup of mail due to the launching of the new website, but all of you who sent in for personally autographed photos should be receiving them soon!  I loved all of your comments, it’s interesting and very encouraging to read what you have to say about my books and all of the characters I create.  A special favorite seems to be Lucky Santangelo, and I must admit I love writing about her.  She’s strong, ballsy and beautiful – a dynamite combination!  I also love the fact that everyone seems to be enjoying “Poor Little Bitch Girl” so much.  Brining out a book is almost like giving birth – you want that child to have a good start in life, and P.L.B.G. is up and running!  Keep those comments coming!

Yesterday I spent the day in Malibu at a lovely lunch given by the legendary film director Norman Jewison (Moonstruck, In the Heat of the Night) and his significant other, Lynne.  One of the guests was English writer and comedian Stephen Fry.  What an interesting and original man, and so much fun to spend time with.  Stephen recently spent the whole hour on Craig Ferguson’s show – no audience, just the two of them in conversation.  Riveting T.V.

And speaking of T.V. – my big passion – one of my current favorite shows is “Life Unexpected.” Sooo good!  If you haven’t checked it out already, then do so.  Kristoffer Polaha is excellent, and so is the rest of the cast.  Still loving “Modern Family,” “Big Love,” “Brothers & Sisters,” and, of course the best vampire show on T.V., “Vampire Diaries.”  Yes, I will freely admit it with no shame – I am a T.V. addict and I love it!!

The cheating Hollywood husbands continue to rule the tabloids.  Not only do they cheat, but they’re stupid – putting their dumb thoughts into texting!  Once the zipper comes down, do the brains fall out?!

That’s it for today, more next week.

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One thought on “Autographs, Stephen Fry, and naughty zippers!”

  1. Dearest Jackie.

    Hello there. Hope you are doing great. It’s really great to hear from you as always Jackie & I hope you’ve Received my mails asking for your Autograph!. I think I’ve sent a lot of requests girl & I hope I’ll be getting it soon. I always wanted the picture of you with Mel B together & also the novel of Poor Little Bitch girl US Cover with your Autograph. I think the old request for asking the Autograph was easier. I Love the new look of your website. I collection is almost Complete. I’ve also just received the DVD of Hollywood Wives The New Generation, so looking forward to watch it. Keep Writing & Keep Rockig the world. Hope to hear from you soon.

    Hugs & Kisses


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