Dear Readers: December Letter

Thursday, 10 December, 2009 / Published in Blog

Hey everyone!

I’m back!! I was in England and Ireland launching “Poor Little Bitch Girl.” What a trip! It was so much fun. The T.V. hosts were the best, everyone from the hilarious and adorably rude Graham Norton, to the warm and witty Paul O’Grady.

“Poor Little Bitch Girl” took off immediately. I guess everyone loved the fact that Bobby Santangelo Stanislopolous is a main player. Bobby is Lucky Santangelo’s hot hot twenty five year old son. Other fave characters in “Poor Little Bitch Girl” are Denver – a beautiful, young and feisty attorney, and Annabelle – a seductive redhead who’s running call girls in New York. An assorted bunch. There is a murder, a kidnapping, and mucho sex!! Yes, it’s pure escapism and I loved writing it.

Thank you for all your nice comments, Twitters (@JackieJCollins), emails, and Facebook posts. It’s so nice to hear the enthusiasm my readers have for my books.

I will have exciting news soon regarding my character Madison Castilli (“L.A. Connections” and “Lethal Seduction”), regarding a premier DVD select movie! I will keep you up to date.

In the meantime, have a fantastic, warm, healthy and safe Christmas.

Thinking of you,


2 thoughts on “Dear Readers: December Letter”

  1. Jackie can you please let me know if I will be able to buy the movie for Poor Little Bitch Girl by 9th Feb? because you left a link on youtube but it didn’t say anything about the movie. Please let me know when the next book is coming out cause i can’t wait. thanks

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