Don Rickles, Lindsay Lohan, and Hollywood Fiction

Wednesday, 21 July, 2010 / Published in Blog

Hey everyone,

Thank you so much for your great questions on Ustream yesterday.  It was so much fun answering them.  I know you could all see me, but it’s a shame I couldn’t see you!

A couple of nights ago the legendary comedian Don Rickles was on The Tonight Show with Leno.  He is 84 and amazing!  So my latest Blast from the Past Video is an interview I conducted with Don about twelve years ago.  Feisty and fun, I thought you might enjoy it.

What a week!  I’m trying to write, but the headlines keep on attracting my attention.  Lindsey off to jail.  Paris topless on vacation.  Britney out and about with the worst hair extensions ever!  And of course, media star of the week – foul mouthed Mel Gibson.  Man, talk about someone in desperate need of anger management.  Wow!  He is so out of control.  And some people say I make my characters up!  Truth is always stranger than fiction.  If I wrote the Mel situation, nobody would believe it.

Oh yes, a question – why did Lindsey get her lips enhanced for her stay in jail?  Ah… the mysteries of Hollywood.

Oh well, back to writing “Goddess of Vengeance.” Did you enjoy reading the short excerpt?  I am loving writing about all my favorite Santangelo’s again.  Bobby, Max, and of course the wild and beautiful Lucky.  The adventure continues…

More soon.

Stay safe.

With love,


9 thoughts on “Don Rickles, Lindsay Lohan, and Hollywood Fiction”

  1. Dearest Jackie,

    Thanks a lot for answering all the questions & sadly you couldn’t see us!. I love the bit of the excerpt can’t wait to get my hands on Goddess of Vengeance WOW Lucky, Bobby, Max, Denver Jones are back on the block. I love all your books Jackie & I’m became very strong & wise now & should be careful when I select MEN. You Rock The House Always.



  2. Hi Jackie

    No you couldn’t make it up. Fact is stranger than fiction. That’s for sure. You do not need to make it up at all. Nothing has changed since the Golden Age of Hollywood, crazier stuff went on then -but back in those days the press/media were deferential and they knew how to cover things back then. I love all the stuff that goes on behind the scenes and if people knew what really went on behind the PR façade no one would believe it.

    I have just finished ‘ Poor Little Bitch Girl’ which was a good read. loved Bobby ( he’s hot!) but found Denver annoying. I didn’t like her that much at all. I quite liked Annabelle and Frankie too. Is that bad?

    I am looking forward to reading ‘ Married Lovers’ . I have ordered my copy and I am also planning on revisiting ‘LA Connections’. That’s one of my favourites.

    Have you ever thought of writing a tell all?!!! You must know where all the bodies are buried. Tee hee.

  3. Thanks for your comments… you amaze me at your level headed reaction to things. Celebrity, for the most part, has kinda left me in the dust. When the privileged start striking me as unmonitored children, I start to lose whatever appreciation, or reverence I might ever have had. But by the same token, I wonder what ever happened to being able to make your mistakes and learn from them without the rest of the world chiming in. For sure, Mel Gibson has screwed up, but this is an issue between two people, and what business is it of ours? Lindsey has messed up totally, and she’ll get a lesson in the penal system, but again, this is my business why?

  4. They are both to blame. I strongly believe that they are both at fault. Honestly Mel was way out of line, but at the same time I don’t think she should have sold those tapes off. They should take a step back and reanalyse the situation, they are both wrong and should think about the kid. When Lucia gets older she will naturally step back and have to consider what happened. I think Mel Gibson might be mentally ill and I really hope he gets help.

  5. When you have a famous person like Lindsay Lohan, in jailhouse it’s a tremendous problem for the penitentiary officers, they don’t desire that. They’re generating a lot of press and stress on their detention facility. It gets all the other cons hostile, it’s not a effective situation. Because of that, they’re going to want to get her out expeditiously without giving the impression that she’s having exceptional handling. At least that’s what they say. Don’t make me laugh! Keep in mind, Lindsay had a 90-day jail conviction, the normal person with that conviction in Los Angeles would be required to do at least 22 or 23 days. But for Lindsay, now they’re supposing two weeks total, so definitely she’d be getting it better than the rest. Just goes to show get famous get away with anything. Just ask OJ!!

  6. Can’t wait to read about that Lucky one!!! Lindsay Lohan is off the rails her words when she found out about her jail sentence “Are you serious?” It just goes to show some celebritys think that they can break whatever laws they want but because they have been on the cover of some rags they are automatically exempt from the justice system!!
    On a lighter note, I really enoy reading your books, not too mention your tweets Jackie. Much Love.xoxo

  7. Hi Jackie.
    I love to read what you have to say.I agree,Melgate is one big mess.Talk about a hard(no pun intended)fall from grace.About Paris,Lindsay and the rest I couldn´t care less.I´m looking forward to getting Poor Little Bitch Girl.And I can´t wait to dive into Madisons world,she sounds so much fun,I only hear praise for the character.


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