Farrah, Bonnie, and a night with Don Rickles!

Monday, 15 March, 2010 / Published in Blog

Hey everyone,

I’ve been thinking about how dumb it was to leave out a tribute to Farrah Fawcett at the Oscar’s.  Whoever made that decision is an idiot.  Farrah did plenty of movies, plus she was a pop culture icon.  Shame on the Academy – of which Farrah was a member.

A lot of you have been asking about my movie Paris Connections.  It’s an original story I came up with featuring one of my favorite characters, Madison Castelli.  I wrote about Madison in “L.A. Connections,” “Lethal Seduction,” and “Deadly Embrace.”  She’s a strong, feisty female – a journalist with plenty of integrity and style.  In my movie Paris Connections she’s played by the very talented Nicole Steinwedell, who was one of the stars of that terrific T.V. series “The Unit.”  I love Nicole, she really captures the essence of Madison, and the love scenes with the very sexy Anthony Delon (French and major hot!) steam up the screen!

Paris Connections is a made directly for DVD movie, which will be sold exclusively at Tesco in England for three months before being released in America.  It’s such a fun movie, all shot in Paris, and revolving around a fab fashion show and a murder!

My brother Bill arrived from London to stay with me for a couple of weeks.  He’s the best.  I shall try not to drag him out to dinner every night!  But you know I will!  It’s all research.

I was on “The Bonnie Hunt Show” last week.  Bonnie is warm and hilarious, and apart from Chelsea Handler, the best female talk show host on T.V.  Craig Ferguson is the best male one, I never miss his show, and I always get a buzz appearing on it.

To end a great week I went to an anniversary party for the legendary Don Rickles and his wife Barbara.  A very fun evening, with many old comedians getting up to speak, and a funny bit from John Stamos and Bob Saget.  Quite a night!

Weather in L.A. is coming up hot and balmy, so have a great one!

Stay safe,


One thought on “Farrah, Bonnie, and a night with Don Rickles!”

  1. Dearest Jackie.

    Hi there. Hope you are doing great. Thanks so much for the up dates. I really missed Farrah Fawcett & I loved the way she was in Charlie’s Angels. I used this Series when I was a little girl in England & it really brings great memories. I watched it again when I got older & it was showing in Star Plus channel. May God Bless Her Soul. Tribute are just to many these days, since Michael Jackson passed away now everyone is coming out of the shell! Where the hell were they when he was alive! I feel the same way too Jackie & I agree with you 1000000% girl. I’m so looking forward for this movie Paris Connections & I’ll read about Madison Castelli soon & thanks a million for writing about Strong Women. I love Lucky the most. I really hope to hear from you & I would love to get copy of Poor Little Bitch Girl the Sexy cover with your Autograph. I hope you’ve got all my emails because I’ve requested it so many times LOL.

    Your loving fan from Oman.


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