Finito!!! “Goddess of Vengeance” Done!!

Thursday, 10 February, 2011 / Published in Blog

Hey everyone –

Finally!!  I have finished “Goddess of Vengeance” at last!!  I have been on lockdown for the last few months and now FREEDOM!  Love it!  Except I think I will start writing a new book immediately, so that I don’t fall behind again.  My publisher likes me to write a book a year.  Too much!  ‘Cause I need a life too, and then I spend quite a bit of time promoting my books in interviews and on T.V.  And traveling to other countries such as Russia and South Africa, where my books are extremely popular.

Anyway, I am very happy with “Goddess of Vengeance.” All your favorite characters are back.  Lucky and Lennie.  Denver and Bobby.  Annabelle and Frankie.  And a deliciously bad new villain, Armand Jordan.  Remember the name, you’ll soon grow to hate him!  He has no respect or like for women, and he only sleeps with prostitutes!!

“Poor Little Bitch Girlis currently out in a fabulous trade paperback, and I know a lot of you are buying and enjoying it.  For those who don’t know, a trade paperback is a cross between a hardback and a traditional paperback.

I love creating all my diverse characters, they totally take me on a trip, I never know what they’re going to do next.  So that makes it exciting for me as I write.

Are you all set for Valentine’s Day?  Remember, the lingerie should be for him and the chocolates for you!  Tell me your funniest and most romantic Valentine’s Day stories.  I love hearing about what you’ve been up to.

So… now I’ll take a break for five minutes!

More very soon,


15 thoughts on “Finito!!! “Goddess of Vengeance” Done!!”

  1. I’m so looking forward to get my hands on Goddess of Vengeance Novel. I’ve already ordered & get wait to read it. You Rock the House Jackie.


  2. I am so excited that you finished Goddess of Vengeance! Congratulations! I do hope you will take more than a 5 minute break. You deserve a great vacation. 🙂
    It’s not Valentine’s Day yet but I have been spoiled to the max.


  3. A book a year? I stand in awe. A lowly claim to fame have I (had several short stories published alongside Catherine Cookson in ‘My Weekly’ magazine when my children were small). Alas, though I have written a few books, I have yet to publish them or have them published.Your energy and commitment are truly admirable and will spur me on. I shall be ordering ‘Goddess of Vengeance’. Enjoy your respite from work if only for a short time Jackie!


  4. Hello,
    Gosh, i can’t believe am writing this e mail, am the biggest fan of all your books. I moved into my beautiful new home & i have specially dedicated a JACKIE COLLINS book case where i treasure all your amazing books. Can’t wait to read the next book about Lucky…..she is my all time favourite! i have read, re read & re read all your books so many times, guess i have lost count of it now……never get bored ever!
    I just have one lil issue though, i have relocated to Bombay, & i really have to look around quite a bit to get all your latest novels. Kindly request you to look into it, it will definitely make it more easier to access your books.

    Lotsa love to you,


  5. can’t wait for goddess of vengeance, jackie you should be proud because poor little bitch is the kind of book that makes me a bookmaniac, I am looking forward to hearing more about denver and bobby, loved them,


  6. I am sooo excited about a new Lucky book! I have read them all and can’t wait for Goddess of Vengeance to come out!!! Lucky is my favorite all time character. She works in a mans world and I can so relate to that. You Rock Jackie!!! Thank you!!! You are my favorite author!!! Hope you have a fabulous day!! Hugs!

  7. I can’t wait to read this! I love Annabelle!! I first read your book Poor Little Bitch Girl, in Italy, last September. I found it on the library bookcase, and read it out to my boyfriend as we drove to Verona. It’s hot stuffs. So looking forward to your new book, mum told me today you were on the television. I am raging I missed it.

  8. I love all your books and especially the Santangelo Saga…
    But i’m a french fan (so excuse my english) and your book series was not translated after “Dangerous Kiss”. Can you tell me if the 6th and 7th episodes will be translated soon.
    Thank you for your answer

  9. Jackie, I can’t wait until September, I need Goddess of Vegenance today! Oh well, while I’m waiting I’ll go back to Chances. Or LAdy Boss. Or Hollywood Husbands. God, I need a Jackie fix and quick.

  10. hi Jackie,

    I’m very much looking forward to the release of “Goddess of vengence” I will read it for surely!

    Will you be doing any book signings in scotland?



  11. Just listened to your fabulous interview podcast w/Jamey and Luke on You are so fabulous and your voice… I can listen all day can’t wait for this book after listening to it…27 books I’ve only read 15 geesh you are my summer reading author…I have to catch up.

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