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So…my tour continues and it’s major fun!  I am loving meeting all my fans as I travel around London and Glasgow promoting the premiere DVD of PARIS CONNECTIONS, exclusive to TESCO & TESCO online.

By the way, I am happy to say that it is flying off the stands and out of the store!!  Women are loving the very sexy French actor Anthony Delon, and the guys are loving the very sexy Nicole Steinwedell…so everyone is happy!

Flew to Glasgow…encountered heavy rain and lovely, warm people.  I happen to enjoy a nice rainy day.  Crazy, but I live in LA so it makes a welcome change.

Following my chocolate addiction around London. Milk chocolate rules!! Delish. Discovered a great store called THE CHOCOLATE HOTEL!!

My brother’s wife, Hazel, cooked a fab family dinner. She is an amazing cook.  Roast potatoes to kill for!

Getting a big kick out of the UK newspapers–crammed full of stories about cheating politicians, raunchy footballers and sex crazed hookers!!  And some say I make things up in my books.  I don’t think so!!

Appeared on LOOSE WOMEN TV show, the UK version of THE VIEW. Four smart feisty women, lots of fun.

Signing copies of POOR LITTLE BITCH GIRL as I travel around.  It is out in paperback in UK. Will be out in trade paperback in US FEB 7th.

Back to LA on Saturday. My TiVo is full, so I will have a ton of catching up to do.  I can’t wait to get back and resume work on GODDESS OF VENGEANCE.  Writing is my passion.

So…stay happy & safe…



  1. hi, and thanks for all your books, i read poor little bitch girl whilst on a crossing from australia to bali in december last year and can’t wait for goddess of vengeance….i’m currently living in st maarten and would just like to say that if you’re ever in town then let us know i have a few books that need sighing….thanks again, Hilary.

  2. I love London.And those footballers would definetly be a perfect fit for one of your novels.Have you ever seen Footballers Wives?They were crazy.

  3. The Chocolate Hotel??? Good God. Sounds awesome! Though I’m a dark chocolate girl myself.

    Goddess Of Vengeance. Love that title! Can’t wait to see if I can find Paris Connections here in Toronto.

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