“Goddess of Vengeance” #1 in the UK! And Wedding Fever!

Tuesday, 03 May, 2011 / Published in Blog

Hey everyone,

Whew… back from London almost a week and celebrating the fact that “Goddess of Vengeance” is #1 in the UK.  Whew!  All that hard work was worth it.  And it is hard work.  Endless radio and TV shows getting asked the same questions, always trying to respond as if it’s the first time I’ve heard that particular question.  But I have to say, the UK press and the UK TV shows were an absolute delight, everyone was warm and charming and so welcoming.  And they were all so happy to welcome Lucky back.  She is an amazing character to write, and everyone seems to fall in love with her.  When people ask me how old she is now, I simply respond – “How old is James Bond?”

I got some crazy good reviews, the reviewer in The Daily Mail actually called “Goddess of Vengeance” the book of the year!

So that’s taken care of the UK, and now I have the US publication to look forward to.  Mark your calendars – September 13th is the day, and hopefully I will be chatting on all my favorite TV shows.  Publication day is major exciting, and I love the fact that my readers anxiously await the return of Lucky and Lennie, Bobby and Denver, and all your favorites.  Don’t forget you can pre-order the book now!

Thank you Twitter, Facebook and Everything Jackie followers for all of your fabulous comments.

Met the lovely Dannii Minogue in London, and we went out to dinner with the very interesting and amusing Paul O’Grady.  It was quite a night!  The next evening I spent with my two close friends, Shakira and Michael Caine.  It was great to catch up on all the news.

Wedding fever was in full swing while I was in London.  Flags and flowers and hordes of tourists looking forward to the big day.

All and all it was a fantastic trip, but it’s lovely to be back in L.A.  I missed my TiVo!

More soon, with love,


5 thoughts on ““Goddess of Vengeance” #1 in the UK! And Wedding Fever!”

  1. Jackie,

    You are the best writer as far as i am concerned. yes!
    I’ve bought all ur books to date even though its pretty expensive in my country – Nigeria. Ur books are a must buy for me, i cherish ur skills, passion and interest in ur work. Keep the good work going and lets read more about the happenings in the corridors of power – hollywood.


  2. Thank you so much for your books! I own almost all of them and am so looking forward to getting “Goddess of Vengeance”! Lucky is the most amazing character! You have such an amazing talent and you keep the boredom out of my life with all your great books! The only problem? I can’t put them down! Please don’t ever stop writing! 🙂


  3. Hi Jackie, just finished ‘Goddess of Vengeance’ — it was awesome but I have to ask what happened to Paige & Peggy??? and Gino?!?!?! Your end bit didn’t mention them!! Any chance of a blog detailing what happens next? ALSO are you going to write another Santangelo novel?? Preferably one with Bridgette in again, I missed her!
    Love xx

  4. Omg already have a vacation day planned for sept 13 just to read your new Lucky book! Just wish US was the first to receive. You are my Goddess.

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