“Goddess of Vengeance” Hits Australia! And London Here I Come!

Thursday, 07 April, 2011 / Published in Blog

Hey everyone,

Just finished doing a slew of interviews for the launch of “Goddess of Vengeance” in Australia – three satellite T.V. appearances, and seventeen other radio shows and press interviews.  Whew!  And next week I am off to London to promote “Goddess of Vengeance” there.  It’s exciting – especially as “Goddess of Vengeance” is already outselling “Poor Little Bitch Girl.”  LOVE IT!  Although I must say I’m delighted that “Poor Little Bitch Girl” is racing out of the stores in paperback.

Now I am getting ready for my London trip to launch “Goddess of Vengeance” there – be sure to check my events page for my upcoming London television appearances – and keep your ears open to catch me on the radio as I’ll be doing numerous live on air interviews too.

I appeared on The Talk here in L.A. to promote the paperback of “Poor Little Bitch Girl.” It was so much fun, the ladies of The Talk are so warm and friendly.  And Leah Remini is a total riot – my kind of woman, she says it like it is, no messing around.

So… that’s it for now, have to get ready for London.  UK here I come!  Prepare yourself for “Goddess of Vengeance.”  Lucky is back in a big way!

Stay safe.



7 thoughts on ““Goddess of Vengeance” Hits Australia! And London Here I Come!”

  1. WOW Jackie. You sure ROCK THE HOUSE. I’m so looking forward to get my hands on Goddess of Vengeance. Right now I’m reading Sinners. I Love Sunday Simmons & Charlei Brick. I hope someday you’ll be turing you books into movies. Keep writing & we’ll stay up all night.xxx

  2. Jackie I can’t believe Goddess of Vengeance will not be available as an ebook. I have your complete collection in hard copy and I am personally repurchasing every book you release as an ebook. Please release Chances as an ebook I need to stay up all night rereading the Santangelo series from the beginning.

  3. Can’t wait to read Goddess of Vengeance. I love all the books that Jackie has published. They are fun and pure escapism from the toils and troubles of this world.

    However, did Jacke publish a book in 2010? I have Poor Little Bitch Girl, but not one for 2010. I have all of her books and do not want to miss out on any of her publications.

    Happy Easter and now I must hop to the nearest store to purchase Goddess of Vengeance.

    Cheryl Linke

  4. I just got my copy!!! Half way through and loving every minute.
    Lucky Santangelo is my favourite 🙂

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