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Hi everyone,

I was under the impression that once I finished writing “Goddess of Vengeance” I would be FREE FREE FREE!!!  Forget about it, I have never been so busy catching up!

First I have had to read two different sets of page proofs, one from my UK publisher, and the other from my US publisher.  The book is the same in both countries, but they are two different publishers and like to do their own thing!

So… the good news is that “Goddess of Vengeance” will be published April 14th in the UK, and you can pre-order it by clicking here.

“Goddess of Vengeance” will be published September 13th in the US, and you can pre-order it by clicking here. Sorry for the delay, but my US publisher has schedules to adhere to, and since I delivered the manuscript a tad late, they had to shift their original publishing date.

I cannot wait for everyone to read it!  All your favorites are back, my favorites too.  Especially Lucky!  I love that woman, and I know so many of you love her too.  She’s my James Bond for women!  Strong, sexy, beautiful, wild, smart.  Lucky rules!  So preorder today, I promise you will not be disappointed.

Check out the Steve Chase Humanitarian Awards event photos I posted.  My sis, Joan, and the suave and very amusing George Hamilton hosted this event for AIDS awareness, and the event raised way over a million dollars!!!  Got to hang with the handsome and witty Michael Weatherly and the lovely Pauley Perrette of NCIS fame.  Pauley is a total trip, fun and funny.  And Michael is the same way!  Also at the event, the beautiful Donna Mills, still looking great, the talented Dionne Warwick, Ann-Margret, and many other stars.

After the event, Joan, her husband, Percy, myself and George Hamilton piled into a limo and set off to a Cuban party at Suzanne Somers house – which happens to be lodged in a mountain – reachable only by a funicular!  Fortunately it was too dark to get nervous!

Anyway, now it’s back to reading more proofs and thinking about the next novel!

Don’t forget “Poor Little Bitch Girl” is out now in paperback, and I love to hear your comments, so keep on tweeting and facebooking and visiting my website.

Stay safe.

Love and peace,



  1. So looking foward to goddess of vengeance jackie,I love lucky .I do hope for your next novel you might bring nick and lauren i would just love to read what they’ve been up to afterall american star never had an epiloge.And I would know I own three copies.

  2. Thanks a lot for the up dates Jackie. I really can’t wait to read “Goddess of Vengeance”. My favorite bound girl LUCKY is Back & of course not forgetting Bobby, Denver Jones. Right now I’m reading The Stud so that will keeping busy & yes I better read your old books until I get Goddess of Vengeance. Keep writing & make stay awake all night.


  3. I LOVE the Lucky Santangelo novels and even though I haven’t even read Goddess of Vengeance yet because I’m still waiting [which I hate doing]I was wondering if there will be another Lucky Santangelo book after Goddess of Vengeance? I HOPE THERE WILL BE ALOT MORE LUCKY SANTANGELO NOVELS!!!!

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