“Goddess of Vengeance” Makes The New York Times Bestseller List!

Tuesday, 11 October, 2011 / Published in Blog

Hey everyone,

Wow!  I have been wicked busy promoting the U.S. launch of “Goddess of Vengeance.”  First in the U.K. where it was number one, and this last six weeks in the U.S. where we are riding high on the New York Times bestseller list.  Yes!  Thanks to all my loyal and terrific readers.  I love your letters, tweets, Facebook comments, and all your great testimonials.  You rock!  And all across the world too.  Russia, Holland, Australia, South Africa etc.  I have so many incredible readers everywhere!  So thank you too!

My U.S. tour was a blast.  So many interesting and fun interviews.  Stand outs were Matt Lauer on the Today Show – always a trip.  The Joy Behar Show -hilarious!  And The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson – such a funny sexy man.  Tons of other crazy interviews too – playing ping pong with Nate Berkus – sitting on a Brooklyn stoop with Cat Greenleaf – chatting with Mancow, Dennis Miller and a host of other radio personalities.

One of my favorite T.V. appearances was with Travis Smiley – so smart and centered, we did the entire 1/2 hour and it was great.  You can find many of my most recent interviews under the video section.

So… now I guess it’s back to writing my new book “The Power Trip.”  Actually I can’t wait to get back to it and my characters.  I love ’em all!

I do hope you all had a fantastic summer and I wish you nothing but health, happiness and peace.

More soon…


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