“Goddess of Vengeance” Rules!

Monday, 24 May, 2010 / Published in Blog

Dear everyone,

So ok, I’ve been missing in blog action for a few weeks.  Excellent excuse!!  I have been writing “Goddess of Vengeance” and enjoying every second.  The book will be about Lucky, her teenage daughter, Max, and her hot son, Bobby Santangelo Stanislopolous.  And yes – many of your favorite characters from “Poor Little Bitch Girl” will be back – including Denver, M.J., and the irascible Frankie Romano!!

I will also introduce an interesting, mysterious new villain.  Yes!!

Other than that I’ve been quite busy.  Met with Dave Stewart (of Eurythmics fame) regarding a project we might do together.  He’s a brilliant, interesting, fascinating man with incredible ideas.  Enjoyed spending time with him so much.

Also managed to squeeze in a few movies – Just Wright – Common and Queen Latifah.  Very funny and entertaining.  The latest Shrek movie – Eddie Murphy’s voiceover is hilarious.  And Letters to Juliet – sweet, and it immediately makes you want to leave for Italy!!  Such gorgeous photography.

Also went to the kickoff luncheon for the Carousel of Hope Ball, where I sat at a table with the incredible Racquel Welsh, along with Anjelica Huston, Alana Stewart, and the smart and feisty Mavis Leno (Jay’s wife).

Yeah!  Bret Michaels won “Celebrity Apprentice.” So happy for him!

That’s it … back to writing.

Stay safe.


27 thoughts on ““Goddess of Vengeance” Rules!”

  1. Dearest Jackie,

    You Truly Rock the House girl with your books. I’m so looking forward to get my hands on “Goddess of Vengeance”. WOW Lucky is Back & I’m so glad Devner, Bobby, Max will be in it too. My favourite charters. I loved reading Drop Dead Beautiful & loved Max a lot just like her Mum alright. Hope to meet you someday. I’m still reading chances & gets Hotter & Hotter girl. Love Gino, Carrie, Lucky, Steven.

  2. Dear Jackie!

    Just finished reading Poor Little Bitch Girl and I have to say WOW!
    I was intrigued from the get-go! I’m so glad Denver and Bobby ended up together! Also I just read that you’re writing another book about Lucky & Co! I’ll definitely be first in queue for that one! I have decided I’m just gonna go and buy all of your books haha!!
    I loved the book and can’t wait for the next chapter…

    Much Love!!
    Shakailla Paris xxx

    1. Shakailla, your not supposed to tell us what happens in the book. I havent read it yet, and you’ve told us that bobby and denver get together. thanks for that!

  3. Jackie you rock woman!
    I have to say I love the Lucky Santangelo series, like doesn’t every woman want to be like Lucky!
    In vendetta-Lucky’s revenge Donna drove me mad and i hated it when Lennie disappeared

    Lots of love to you x

  4. I read Poor Little Bitch and it was fantastic. Can’t wait to read about my girl Lucky and her two kids(Bobby & Max). It seems like Lucky will have her hands full dealing with her daughter. I just love it. Fantastic Job on the books I’ve read of yours. I am a big fan. I have all of your books.

  5. Hey Jackie, you make my mornings on my way to work seem to go by so fast, I love all your books spesh the Lucky Saga! cant wait for the newby to come out, Goddess of Vengeance 🙂 wish i could pre-order it… Oh does it have Frankie and Annabelle in it? thought id be cheeky and ask :)…

    Anyway Keep Smiling and Keep writing….

    Emma x

  6. Yes! A new Lucky novel!!!! I’m going to re-read the series, yet again, so that I can refresh my mind! I was just thinking it’s been 3 years since Lucky was a main character, when was she going to reappear! So excited!

  7. When is Goddess of Vengenge coming out. I cant wait. Your books are….I cant find the right words to say how great they are.

    Your awsome Jackie. Come to Canada to do a book tour.

  8. Hi Jackie!

    So far I have read three of your books (in like a month) and am reading the fourth in the Lucky series. Loving it! I have wanted to read your books ever since I was little when my mom kept them high up on her bookshelf because I tried to take a peak. Now 24 I regret not reading them sooner. Can’t wait for Goddess of Vengeance!

  9. Hi jackie,i’m a big big big fan of yours,your books are sensational,i’m always looking forward for your new book,you’ve kept us waiting long this time,can’t wait to read goddess of vengence though.

  10. hi jackie im a bit confused over the release date for goddess of vengeance ………according to ur website released 1st nov but i dont seem to be able to get hold of it anywhere and all possible outlets are advertising may 2011………is this cause im in the uk? I neeeeeeed to read this book , getting withdrawal symptoms x

  11. Dear Jackie.

    I´m glad to hear Godess.. in progressing just fine.I love Denver Jones and Bobby Stanislopolus.They were hot together.I do wish you would bring back Steven and his family,they are Santangelos too and Carioca is older than Max,I would love to see what´s up with her.Perhaps she is the grandchild who is most like Gino because his other grandkids has dissapointed in the past,with the exception of Bobby that is.Still wish you would come to Stockholm,Sweden for a book tour though.Is it spring yet?

    Marry Christmas and a Happy new Year to you and you loved ones.


  12. I just finished “Poor Little…” and it was so addicting I couldn’t put it down…finshed the whole thing in 3 days! Coming out of my 20’s, I spent most of youth going out and being wild, and now feel like calming down once in a while, taking time out with a good book, and this book was the first book I think I have ever bought. When I got to the end, I found a page with the cover of your new book, “Gooddess of Vengeance” on it…I SO will get it!!!

  13. jackie simply rocks nothing can be compared to ur novels they are just so kul.wat beats me abt jackie is her ability to write abt so many people and not get her readers confused.u rock jackie keep spinin.I loved u most in lethal seduction

  14. Jackie! You are incredible. I started with the very first one of the Santangelo novels and was immediately hooked. I have since read every one from Chances to Drop Dead Beautiful, followed by all the Madison Castelli novels, Poor Little Bitch Girl and am now reading Lovers & Players. My goal is to read every book you have ever written. I have to say my favorite character will always be Lucky. I cannot wait to read Goddess of Vengeance when you bring her back. Thanks for all the great reads!

  15. Jackie I have read every one of your books and have been a great fan of yours for years and I am so glad that you have some new books out there for us fans. My sister and I have been reading and collecting your books for many years and will continue to do so till I am no longer here, then my daughter will inherit them, she loves them too..Thank You!!

  16. can’t wait for the goddess book to come out!! i was afraid i would never hear from lucky again. can’t wait to see how her dada is,hope he’s still alive!!

  17. I can’t wait to read this! I love all your characters. Lucky, Lennie, Alex Woods, Venus Maria, Johnny Romano, Gino and Paige, Uncle Costa, Olympia, Brigitte & Nona, Bobby, Max, Charlie Dollar, Cooper Turner, and all the rest. Thanks Jackie for your brilliant imagination and creativity. You inspire me. You inspire a lot of women. Love all the way from the UK, Cheyney xxx

  18. Please tell me if this book will be in large print when it comes out as my eyes are pretty bad and i’ve read all your books in large print thanks.by the way I love your books!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Dear Jackie.
    I read twice all of your books. . .I love the Santangelo stories.
    Please write another book. Bobby and Denver make an amazing couple.

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