Guilty Pleasures!

Tuesday, 14 December, 2010 / Published in Blog

Hey everyone,

What a week!  Came down with a persistent dry cough which is totally annoying.  Try writing a glam sexy scene while choking and spluttering!  Not good!!  But “Goddess of Vengeance” continued on its way with Lucky at the helm, and Max getting into all kinds of trouble!  And of course Denver and Bobby are back.

Managed to catch a couple of movies – both disappointing.  The Tourist – not a thrill a minute.  Angelina looks beautiful and bored, while Johnny Depp seems to be saying – Why am I in this movie?  And I’d better not show any chemistry between me and Angelina or Vanessa (his real life love) will kick my ass!! Sorry guys, but it’s like a not up to par James Bond movie without any real action.

The other movie I saw was Somewhere, starring Stephen Dorff and is directed by Sophia Coppola.  Slow!  Slow!  Slow!  But Stephen is kind of sexy playing a bad boy movie star, and Elle Fanning (Dakota’s little sis) is adorable and very talented.

T.V. on the other hand – was fun and exciting.  “Dexter” rules!  Although I quite look forward to the demise of the Lumen character.  She is totally annoying.  “Desperate Housewives” never disappoints.  And “Gossip Girl” and “90210” are mindless fun.  Then there’s “Life Unexpected” with the gorgeous Kristoffer Polaha.  And “Vampire Diaries” with the double gorgeous Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley.  Plus Nina Dobrev shines playing the double role of the good Elena and the bad Katherine.  She’s an excellent actress and very beautiful.  I would say a future movie star.

Then of course there is reality T.V. I try not to watch – but the lure is sometimes too great.  Reality T.V. is like trying to resist a delicious box of chocolates when you’re on a diet.

“The Real Housewives” of anywhere are the most fun to watch – because you just cannot believe some of the things they say and do – especially the poses they adopt just before their segments comes on.  Priceless camp!

Richard Lawson writes an amazing blog on “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” on  Not to be missed.  Hilarious!!

Andy Cohen does such a great job on his late night show talking to his band of restless housewives.  And best of all are the reunion shows, can’t wait for those!

Tried to stay away from too many Christmas parties, but a standout was Rod Stewart’s party for his manager, Arnold Steifel’s birthday.  It was so much fun, and I got to sit next to the music maven, Clive Davis, who is so knowledgeable and charming.  Great food, great sounds, and it was fun watching Jane Fonda on the dance floor still major romantic with record producer Richard Perry.  Such a nice night.

So… it’s back to getting ready for Christmas and writing, writing, writing!

Love and good thoughts,


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