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Saturday, 19 September, 2015 / Published in Blog, News

Jackie Collins Has Died of Breast Cancer at 77

People Magazine has the Exclusive Story: CLICK TO READ

Family Statement:

It is with tremendous sadness that we announce the death of our beautiful, dynamic and one of a kind mother, Jackie Collins, who died of breast cancer today. She lived a wonderfully full life and was adored by her family, friends and the millions of readers who she has been entertaining for over four decades. She was a true inspiration, a trail blazer for women in fiction and a creative force. She will live on through her characters but we already miss her beyond words.


For inquiries re services and donations:

For USA – Services will be held privately for family. In lieu of flowers please send a donation to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Organization.

For UK – Services will be held privately for family. In lieu of flowers please send a donation to Penny Brohn Cancer Care.

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    1. God love and keep you you helped make me the strong woman I am today through the characters in your books. Your still and always will be an inspiration. God bless. Love you. I hope your family are somewhat comforted by the amount of people who love you.

    2. I saw her on TV just a few weeks ago, and was in great form. She did look thin in the face, but no one mentioned that she had lost weight?. I thought something was wrong as I know she liked her food, was wasn’t into diets. She will be greatly missed, must have 3 or 4 books of hers, which my late mum had read, who also died of breast cancer. Hope they meet up in Heaven. Feel very sad…

    3. I’m so sad and shocked to hear of the death of Jackie Collins.I remember my mom buying her novels and me sneaking and reading them as a kid.I absolutely loved the women in her novels.Strong,sexy,and unafraid who happened to not be afraid of wanting and having sex.I listened to Me.Collins a few months ago on a radio program,she was so funny and witty.Just unbelievable that this spirited and witty woman is gone.I send my condolences to her family and friends.Ms.Collins will be missed and not forgotten.

    4. I’m so sad and shocked to hear of the death of Jackie Collins.I remember my mom buying her novels and me sneaking and reading them as a kid.I absolutely loved the women in her novels.Strong,sexy,and unafraid who happened to not be afraid of wanting and having sex.I listened to Ms.Collins a few months ago on a radio program,she was so funny and witty.Just unbelievable that this spirited and witty woman is gone.I send my condolences to her family and friends.Ms.Collins will be missed and not forgotten.

    5. I feel like I’ve lost a friend. I read Chances when I was in high school (the 80’s) and I was hooked on Jackie’s writing. I read every book she wrote prior and anticipated every new book, especially those about the Santangello’s. My condolences to her family – she will live on in your hearts.

    6. My deepest sympathy to the family. I have read and reread all of Ms. Collin’s books for many years. She was and always will be my favorite author. She left a great legacy for her family and I know she is watching over all of them now. Ms. Collins was an amazing woman and is loved and will be missed by so many of us.

  1. Jackie you were an inspiration to me and gave me the buzz to write my gritty glitzy and over the top novel . Which I will now finish. R.I..P you gorgeous and glamorous lady xxx ?❤️

  2. So very sad. I have enjoyed Jackie’s books for so many years. A very talented and colourful lady lost. Condolences to her family. She will be sorely missed

    1. My heart goes out to Jackie’s family – the world has lost its greatest author – Jackie constantly inspires me and I’ll miss her so much. I’m heartbroken and in shock. Jackie will live on through her amazing characters. I’ll forever continue to read and re read her books. No one will ever write like Jackie. Rest In Peace. <3

  3. I am so sad to hear of her family’s and readers loss. A lovely lady has left our world and now graces universe.

  4. Ladies my heart breaks for each & every one of you. Your mother was a very beautiful woman, in my opinion, a fantastic writer, & I would like to believe a great mother, & grandmother. I read everything I could get my hands on that your mother wrote & I still couldn’t seem to get enough. She always left me wanting more. I was always waiting for her next book to come out. She will be so missed. May she RIP. LOVE YOU JACKIE !!!!!!!

  5. Jackie, you were truly one of a kind. Thank you for your strength and kindness. Your chats and motivation. I would not be a novelist without you. Love always,

    Crispin XO

  6. A fan for 35 years, I am devastated to hear of her passing. My deepest sympathy and sincerest condolences to her loved ones.

  7. Jackie was an amazing woman who has been my favorite author for over 30 years. I always appreciated her love for her fans, and was even blessed to speak with her via Facebook during one of her chats. Her characters kept me up until the early morning hours, and her books were always the most requested gift for my birthday. I will miss her and her amazing personality. We have lost a literary legend, and it is a great sadness. Rest in Peace, beautiful angel. Give them hell in heaven… Lucky would approve.

  8. On behalf of myself and the 2,740 members of my Hollywood Book Chat group on Facebook, I wish to express deepest sympathies and most sincere condolences to the Collins family. Ms. Collins was a lovely woman, a gentle soul, and an excellent writer and story teller. The earth was a better place because of her.

    May you — her family, friends and colleagues find comfort and grace in this saddest of times….

    James Zeruk, Jr.

  9. RIP. Lady Boss was your best work in my opinion. An inspirational tale of striving for what you want, even when the odds are against you. Thank you so much for being true to yourself as a writer and human being. In the end your life story was the inspiration.

  10. I am crying right now. I had no idea Jackie was sick until reading about her death a few minutes ago. She was a huge influence on my life and writing, I enjoyed her book signings in New York. I fell in love with her books since reading CHANCES in 1991 at the age of 14. I will miss her very much. She was one of my top favorite authors. RIP Jackie Collins!

  11. I am shocked and heartbroken to see this news. I admired Jackie so much and looked forward to the release of each new book and the accompanying rounds of media interviews. A class act. She was be greatly missed.

  12. I am deeply saddened to hear of Jackie’s passing. She was the first writer I ever truly fell in love with and a beautiful woman inside and out. Her hard work and determination even while undergoing such a horrific disease is just another testament to what a strong, gifted woman she was. She will be missed but never forgotten.

  13. I was lucky to meet Jackie at lunch on her last visit to Sydney. I found her beautiful, inspirational to listen to and encouraging to aspiring authors. Like so many others I grew up reading her books, absorbed on her characters and taken to another world. I feel sad for me…but more so her loving family and legions of fans

    Jackie Ford

  14. Sad loss. Sorry to hear about Jackie. She was a brave strong lady. I love your books, started reading them years ago & still love them.RIP, Sending hugs xx

    1. jackie am so short of words its so sad. i grew up reading yur bks. i knew thru my late sister we lost her in a plane crash she brought hollywood wives 2d hse n since then av bin in lov wit yur bks its so sad it doesnt get2 nigeria quickly i wil surely miss u. u wer such a strong lady n beautiful n i stil wnt2 say tanx 4d bk u snt me deadly embrace am alwys engrosed in yur bks 2bad i neva got mit u in d flesh u wer realy a source of inspiration. am sending hugs 2 yur family 4ds great loss i wil surely mis yur bks but i wil stl be reading them all ova again i pray i get2 read d last 3 u wrote b4 u passed away. its so sad am so heartbroken u wil be greatly missed by al yur family n fans gdbye jackiexx

  15. My daughter & I are deeply saddened to here the loss of your beautiful mother!!! She lived a wonderful life & had beautiful daughters & grandchildren!!!! Stay strong!!! God bless you all!!! We will always read her wonderful novels!!!!

  16. I am in shock, such a talented woman. Met her at a book signing and she was down to earth. Prayers to the family, may you rest in paradise.

  17. Thank you for some of the best writing that has impacted me in so many ways. Your writing gave me the love of reading that will continue throughout my life. May your family be comforted with the gift of your love that will be with them always.

  18. I am in total shock to learn of Jackie’s passing. Like so many of her fans, I was always looking forward to her next book. I’ve read & have every book she’s written. To now learn that she was fighting such an awful disease for so long, makes me admire her even more. There are no words that can be said to her family that would take away the empty feeling that she has left us with. The only thing I know is that now she is your Angel looking over you until you meet her in heaven <3

  19. My heart is completely broken. To Jackie’s family… I am so sorry.
    A truly classy and beautiful woman, inside and out. Such a brilliant writer and true inspiration.
    God bless, stay strong and know that in the end… we all will be together again. 🙁

  20. My condolences to her family and friends. She was a beautiful and talented woman. One of my favorite authors. She will be truely missed. Mya she rest in peace.

  21. My condolences to her family and friends. Jackie was a beautiful and talented woman. So we’ll accomplished. She will truly be missed. She was one of my favorite authors. May she rest in peace. Blessing to her children.

  22. Cannot believe it- Jackie- have read your books, admired you as a woman and writer- just can’t believe it- my prayers and thoughts are with Jackie’s family and friends…just can’t believe it….

  23. Stunned to hear of Jackie Collin’s passing. She has been my favourite author since the one & only Chances. Who could ever forget Gino or Lucky Santangelo! RIP…… the literary world will never be the same without you. Imagine all the stories she can now tell in heaven. Condolences to her entire family & many friends.
    (Toronto, ON CANADA)

  24. Sad news for us very early today.Her books and movies based on them have been part of our library for almost 25 yrs.She was much bigger than a rock star.Much loved and adored.May her soul rest in peace.Amen

  25. sorry to hear that she has passed away I love all her books im glad I got to meet her in person and got her to sign on of her books for me I will hold on to it for a long time.

  26. so so sad 🙁 woke up, read the news and still crying… rest in peace Jackie.. will love you always….

    fan from Sri Lanka

  27. You were the reason I fell in love with reading and the reason I felt ok writing down the stories in my head. You touched so many lives and were an amazing, beautiful and honest story teller. Thank you for being exactly who you were no matter what other people thought.

  28. So sorry to hear my favorite author has passed. Jackie was so giving to everyone. I read every book over and over again. She sent me an autographed picture that I will always cherish. My prayers to her family. She is missed already.

  29. Such terrible news…I am Heartbroken. Jackie you were such a Beautiful woman !! My first ever book I read was Chances. I was hooked on your books ever since. Rest in Peace Sweet Jackie! Our Hearts and prayers are with your family, friends, and fans!!!

  30. Our condolences!! My daughter and I were lucky to have met her while we were all staying at the same hotel while she was in Calgary, Ab. She stopped to chat with us and we now have a picture of the three of us that we will cherish forever!

  31. Such sad news, I have read every book Jackie has written, some more then once and will continue to reread them, they never get old for me. Rest in peace Jackie, may you continue your writing in the heavens.

  32. RIP you beautiful woman. My thoughts are with your family. I loved reading your books over and over again and waited with impatient excitment when I knew a new book was being released. The world has lost a strong intelligent beautiful woman and you will be greatly missed

  33. I had no idea she was ill. This is very sad news. I just thought Jackie would be around forever. Met her several times and she was darling. I loved her books, and thankfully they’ll be around as part of her legacy. Joan must be so sad as I’m sure the rest of the family and friends…as are her book readers . Go on up with the angels Jackie….and into the Light !

  34. so very sad to hear of her passing. Have read all her novels, several times each, and enjoyed them immensely….God’s peace Ms. Collins….

  35. Thank you for entertaining us for four decades, you will be sadly missed. Condolences to family and close friends. May you rest in peace Miss Jackie Collins x

  36. So shocked by this terrible news. Jackie your books have been an inspiration for me to start writing, you are the best author ever and such an amazing woman. You will be deeply missed all over the world

  37. May we never forget she never let grass grow under her feet. I think shewas always on higher ground,R.I.P. Dame Jackie Collins. Your family have my condolences.

  38. My heart is broken. I feel like a family member has died. Jackie will always be my favorite author. Her books are whole worlds of fantasy and escape. Plus Jackie was a strong, intelligent, feisty and glamorous role model. I can’t believe she’s gone. She’s irreplaceable. I hope her sequel to The Powertrip and her autobiography can some how still be released. Thank you Jackie for all the joy you have given me. I’m going to re-read all 32 of her novels in tribute. I am praying for her loved ones left behind.

  39. I am so shocked and to think she still came to London to promote her last book.the world will be a very boring place without her books

  40. Such a sad day. Heaven has gained a beautiful, talented angel. I have read all her books and loved every one of them. She’s my hero such a lovely beautiful lady a mother, sister and amazing writer to have met her would have been truly amazing. To her family I am so sorry for your loss words can’t express how sorry I am my thoughts and prayers go out to you. Rest in peace Jackie xx

  41. Such a shock, I have read every one of her books, my thoughts are with all her family, RIP beautiful talented Lady xx

  42. RIP beautiful lady. THANK YOU for the many years and countless hours that I have enjoyed getting lost in your amazing stories. Thank you for sharing your gift with the world and for giving me the courage to do the same with my story. The world has lost a shinning light.

  43. May her soul RIP the 1st time i read her novel “Rock Star” (1988) in 1995, i got inspired to read more and more. Millions of women around the world who looked upon her as a role model will surely miss her. Am now committed to stock all her novels.

  44. So sad to hear the news today. The thing I loved most about her books were the strong female characters who were so inspirational when I started reading them in the 80s – she was so ahead of her time and was a master of story telling, weaving together so many different strands. Goodbye Jackie, you will be sorely missed.

  45. So so sad when I read the news this morning, your books were my complete escapism, we’ve just lost one of the best. All the best to your family.
    The true Lady Boss… Rest in peace xxx

  46. Your my favourite author, from when I read Hollywood wife’s over 30 years ago I’ve been hooked ever since, what a wonderful talented lady, RIP Jackie, gone but never forgotten xx

  47. wow to say i am shocked by this news is a understatement, she was such a brilliant writer, my thoughts are with your family at these sad times RIP Jackie xxx

  48. So sorry to hear the sad news of the passing of a wonderful woman
    My heart felt sympathy to her daughters also to her family
    No one could wright like she did
    RIP Jackie

  49. I am shocked to hear that we have lost the beautiful Jackie Collins, and my thoughts are with the Collins family at this sad time. Like all of her fans, I am so thankful she put pen to paper and will sorely miss the joy of a new Jackie Collins book. I would have taken the time to savour her newest release just that little bit more had I known it would be her last. Bless you Jackie, and thank you!

  50. My sincere condolences go to all of Jackie’s family, friends and fellow fans. I read my first Jackie Collins book at 18 and have brought and read every one since. I have grown up with her books and characters and was looking forward to allowing my daughters read them (when they reached an appropriate age) She was even mentioned by my dad in his father of the bride speech on my wedding day. He said “I could tell my little girl was growing up when the Enid Blyton books were replaced by Jackie Collins novels” I will miss her xx

  51. So very, very sad to hear the news of the death of the beautiful, talented Jackie Collins. She gave me many hours of fun reading and will be greatly missed by all that were fortunate enough to have known her. I met her on several book-signing tours and she truly was a very gracious lady. My thoughts are with her family and those closest to her. Gone, but never to be forgotten!

  52. The first English book I ever read, was one of your page turners.
    You are an inspiration and a style icon.
    we never met, but I already miss you.

  53. Im greatly saddened to hear of Jackies passing. She was an AMAZING lady and I will truly miss her. Ive read her books, love the characters, and will treasure them even more knowing she will not write another. May she be having a nice drink and be at peace!

  54. I am stunned and saddened at Jackie’s death. This is the end of an era and I can see no-one to replace her. I took so much strength and inspiration from Jackie’s talent, glamour, intelligence and abilities and I modelled a good part of my life around her. God bless Jackie – I love you. Gillianx

  55. Thoughts and prayers go to Jackie’s family, friends and fans who loved her very much. Your star will always shine bright in the sky. RIP

  56. I was totally shocked when I read my email this morning telling the passing of Jackie. I will miss her. I am so honored to have met her at a book signing a few years ago in Tennessee. She is among the greatest authors there is. My thoughts and prayers are with all her family. She is a classy lady and telling her stories in heaven now. She will be missed but never forgotten here on earth. RIP JACKIE.

  57. Jackie, you will be missed sooo deeply. Everytime we met at your book signings, you were always gracious and kind to me . I am so glad that I always got to tell you that you were my all time favorite author and I am glad that I got to say it one last time at The Grove book signing for The Santangelos book.. Rest in peace dear lady, you left your mark in this world, what a great soul you are. My deepest sympathy to your girls and your sister, Joan. I love ya Jackie…..

  58. Rest in Peace Jackie. I have read all of the books about Lucky Santangelo and her family, including “The Santangelos” that came out very recently. I also have read her other books too and always liked how she wrote and how steamy the sex and stuff had gotten in Hollywood and other locations.

    Thank you Jackie so much for your literary contributions that you brought to us. I am totally shocked and stunned of this news. My late mother died 3 years ago of cancer too, and she really loved your books. Now you are up in heaven with her.

    Rest in Peace lovely lady. And condolences to your family and friends during this terrible time.

  59. Really sad to hear the very sad news. Had the chance to watch her on loose women very recently. Loved her books nd her joyful personality. My condolences to her family. May God bless her soul!

  60. Jackie Collins was and is a true inspiration to me. As the classic saying goes: “What a woman!” I have always admired you and have considered you the sort of Mum I would have always wanted. “beautiful and dynamic” are very good ways to describe the wonderful Jackie Collins. X

  61. I am devastated you are gone but you will live on in the hearts of your family, friends and fans and most definitely in mine. We love you xx

  62. My heart and prayers goes out to the family. I enjoyed her books and she was a great novelist that will be missed by the thousands. RIP Jackie Collins. You will always remain in our memories as your mind and your work will live forever.

  63. Condolences to Jackie Collins’ family. There are no words to express how sad I am feeling. I am a fan, and have many of her Novels in my Library. May her soul R.I.P. Prayers going out – right this moment.

  64. Thank You Ms. Collins for entertaining us with your words and your tantalizing movies. There were never dull moments in reading your books and when watching your mini series, films. I work in a library and I always get questions about what’s the latest Jackie Collins book? People will continue to flock for your novels and now that you have left us I know that they will be in even higher demand. Your memory will live on for us that way but I pray for your loved ones who you meant so much more in their lives. I pray that you watch over and protect them and now we wish you eternal rest. I guess you can entertain those up there with you. Job well done. SIP dear lady

  65. I can’t believe such a wonderful lady as gone. She was a fantastic writer and will live on in those books. I will miss her smile and listen to her on the TV when she was promoting her books and reading her latest book. Sending her family & friends much love. Jackie is now an angel watching over us. Rest In Peace you will always be remembered xxxxxxxx

  66. Thank you for the many of years reading your books. The joy you brought to me in your books:) No one will ever replace my favorite Author.
    This news saddens me as I was excited about the new booking coming next year.
    I will love you always. LaCroix

  67. i am absolutely shocked to hear this very sad news. Jackie, i have reading your books most of my life, you writing got me through many a bad day, and at present i am reading The Santangelos. lucky will be heartbroken. to jackies family, i am so sorry for your loss xxxx

  68. I didn’t know she was sick, which says so much about her strength and fortitude.

    I will greatly miss her literature and the world she created that fed the love of reading I have today. Chances was the first book of hers I read and I fell in love immediately.

    RIP and thank you for a lifetime of gifts.

  69. I still can not beleive that she is gone.The book world will never be the same ,,,
    To her family I offer my condolences,to her readers I ask to join with me and hold your favorite book in your hands and take a moment of silence.

  70. Heartfelt sympathy to close relatives and friends and all who knew Miss Jackie Collins. RIP Dear Lady and may your books and memory live on forever.

  71. I woke up this morning hoping that the news was just a false report. I’m still very saddened by this. Jackie Collins is the author that got me interested in reading 12 years ago. I turned off the computer and picked up “Deadly Embrace.” In less than 48 hours, I was done and had become hooked on her novels. I thank her for sharing her gift with all of us. My thoughts are with her family, friends, and fans!!

  72. I am in total shock. Was in bed after a night shift when my housemate came back and told me the news.
    Jackie, we had no idea you were ill. I first read Lovers and Gamblers when I was 14 and was hooked on your books ever since. I missed one of your appearances in Arizona 5 years ago when your tour bus arrived the week after I left.
    Sincere condolences to your family, now you’re writing up in heaven – your books and characters will live on forever, just a pity you didn’t. God Bless and Love you always xx

  73. I was shocked and saddened when I heard the news this morning. She will be missed by many people. I have read her books for as long as I can remember. I will miss her. Rest in Peace. My thoughts will be with her family.

  74. Poem-Truly sorry to hear you have died-your books are brilliant and a great ride. We’ll miss you tremendously and hold you in pride,upon our shelves for eternity tied. So Goodbye for now Jackie(I lied)it’s not Goodbye but ‘Au Revoir’.RIP Jackie xx

  75. Such a terrible loss to you as a family but you have the JOY of knowing in one way or another, she will always remain within you and a part of you. For us the readers, we were lucky enough to see the world through her eyes and that too will always remain. God Bless You the Family. We will all miss her deeply.

  76. I’m very sorry to hear of your loss, reading jackies books has been a huge part of my life and getting a new one for Christmas every year made my year! Was always finished reading it by January though! Love and condolences to all hear family and close friends xxxx

  77. I’m so very sorry to hear of Jackie’s passing. Like millions of others in this world, I felt like I knew her thru her books. I believe she was a fierce, beautiful, intelligent, loving and strong woman, and I bet anything that her three daughters have these qualities too. Thank you for giving of yourself so that others could also live the life of the rich and famous, even if just thru books, because you made them come alive. There will never be another you.

    God bless you Jackie, and may you rest in peace.

  78. I am SO sad about this 🙁 I have been reading your books for over 20 years and always said I was your biggest fan.

    I was so excited when I joined your email club and emailed you about how much I loved Lucky. You sent me an autographed picture to “Stay Lucky” 🙂 I knew you read my email and loved you even more. I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to follow you on Facebook and send you thoughts on your short stories.

    Thank you for creating amazing characters and books that I will forever cherish. RIP.

  79. My condolences to Jackie’s family and friends at this difficult time. Such a loss for all of you and such a loss for the literary world. As a member of Jackie’s public world, she seemed as colorful and edgy as her characters, her interviews always lively. We’re lucky to have shared a part of her. My prayers are with you.

  80. Jackie was a true icon. A ground breaker and a lady years ahead of her time. Her words have inspired and entertained millions, including me. I have read countless of her books, indeed I think nearly all of them, and it was her writing that encouraged me myself to write novels. After years of adoration, I finally met Jackie 11 days before her death on her last visit to London. I spoke to her and told her how she had been a source of inspiration and joy to me and that her books are the ultimate page-turners. Sizzling sensational reads. When I told her that I too write she asked for my books which of course I gave. To me, for a dazzling icon like Jackie Collins even knowing about my writing was a dream come true. An Evening With Jackie was an amazing event. She talked of future projects, of follow-ups to already popular Collins’ novels and of course about her latest action-packed read The Santangelos. She was a vibrant raconteur, entertaining the enraptured crowd from her first word. A true lady, a true entertainer, a true talent. She gave no inkling of what she had been going through. Her strength shone through, as it must have done til her final breath. The world will be a much less racy, glamorous place without her. What a woman. Lucky would be proud. RIP to a true star. Thank you for the decades of delight. N x

  81. My prayers and thoughts to the family, I have the loved Jackie Collins for as long as I can remember this world lost a very gifted and talented person rest in peace Jackie

  82. I was introduced to Jackie Collins many years ago through her brilliant “Hollywood Wives” novel which everyone BUT EVERYONE was reading at the time. My sister, friends and I were thrilled when it was turned into a splashy mini-series and got together over pizza and drinks to enjoy it together. My love affair with her writing continued with Lucky, Chances, Hollywood Husbands, Rock Star, and so on and so forth.

    I was saddened to hear of Ms. Collins passing today and just wanted to take this opportunity to express how much enjoyment she gave us through her unique and captivating writing style. She will be missed.

  83. R I P. My thoughts and prayers to your family . Thank you for all the books. So happy to have met you but you earned my respect when you took time to take to my mom.

  84. So very sad to hear of Ms. Collins’ passing. I literally just finished her latest novel “The Santangelos” two days ago. I’ve read every one of her books and always looked forward to the next. She was and will always be one of my favorite authors. My condolences to her family. She will be truly missed.

  85. i am devastated to hear the news about Jackie. I have just ordered her last book and will read it with sad thoughts but admiration for a strong woman who has made women realise that we are as strong as men and can be in control, never letting them get the better of us. Her fabulous stories will continue to be read by future generations and her name will live on forever.

  86. What a shock to see this headline today. I have been a huge fan since I read Chances as a teenager. My condolences to her family. She will truly be missed but not forgotten. I will re-read all her wonderful books of which I own almost (if not all) of them.

  87. I ‘m truly sorry for your lost….my prayers go to your family. Her writing was tremendous and unlike any others that I have encounter. I will always enjoy all her stories. Sincerely Nadine

  88. I am so very sorry to hear about the loss of Jackie Collins. I can remember, as a teen, reading her novels in the 80’s. I feel like she was a huge part of my “growing up” years….she’ll be sorely missed!! I pray for peace and comfort for her family, at this time of grief!

  89. We are saddened to hear of this news. I loved all her books and when I found them here and there I always picked them up and gave them to others who enjoyed her writings. Especially collected them from flea markets and thrift shops and donated to our local hospital gift shops. A brilliant writer who did enjoy a long wonderful journey in life. Glad she has a family to support her as well as so many fans and friends. She lived longer than you normally get with that diagnosis. I have fought my own battle with a different type of cancer, diagnosis for me was stage 2. God Blessed her that she lived 6 1/2 years more, she wasn’t done living life yet and making a difference in the world we live. Books can change your life and she certainly did with her astounding abilities to convey her stories. Maybe gone but will live on forever in the words. Our prayers and condolences to her family and friends.

  90. Words can’t express the sympathy I feel towards Jackie’s family, friends, and fans. Jackie was and will always remain my favorite author. I can’t stop tearing up over what a loss this is to the world of literature. I feel as though I’m mourning the loss of not only a brilliant author, but dozens of beautiful characters as well. Besides reading Jackie’s novels, I’ve listened to Jackie’s voice on so many audio books. She brought words to life! Jackie, you will truly be missed. Thank you for giving me a true passion for reading. I will never forget you, your delightful stories, and characters. You are irreplaceable! Rest in Peace Jackie Collins! ?

  91. I was totally in shock when I read the email of your passing. May you rest in peace. You were loved by many and will always be remembered every time that I pick up one of your books to reread over again. God bless you Jackie!

  92. There are no words to adequately convey my condolences to Jackie’s beautiful daughters and grandchildren, all of whom she was proud of, and to Dame Joan, Percy, Bill and Hazel.

    Jackie was a self made woman, a titan in her industry, unique, strong, kind, fun and glamorous. She lived, she loved and was loved. We should all be so Lucky.

    Rest in peace, gallant lady.

  93. I’m very heart broken over the lost of my all time favorite author, you will be greatly miss Jackie Collins, you were the best and there will be no one else like you, I have read quite a bit of your books and audio books as well. My condolences to the family. My prayers to your family, you were a beautiful person and your writing was remarkable.

  94. I am in total shock to hear of the passing of Ms. Collins. I have been a fan of her work since first reading Hollywood Husbands. She will forever live on through her past work. God Bless the family and Friends and may she rest in peace.

  95. This is so unbelievable. She is one of my favorite authors. Some may think of her works as “Beach reads”, but her style of writing in the Santangelo series of books (the only ones who really seemed to hold my interest) was amazing! Starting with Chances, I was hooked. So many different stories within the story. Without even realizing, they all seem to come together to the point where you can’t put it down. The final Book in the series (The Santangelos) was recently released and I have yet to read it. I was already sad that the saga of the Santangelos was over….even more so now that it is REALLY over :'( RIP Jackie…you will be missed. Thoughts and prayers are with your family, friends, and millions of fans.

  96. I am so shocked I was just going to order her new novel and my husband said honey did you her Jackie Collins died and I stopped in the middle of what I was doing and started to cry for I was so shocked

    May God Bless You and my condolences go out to all her family . God Bless You Jackie

  97. One of my top two authors of all time. I will miss your stories and am very sad to learn of your passing. May you rest in peace.

  98. I’m very saddened by the death of the lovely Jackie. I’ve been reading her books since the 80’s and feel like she was a big part of my life. My sympathy to her family. R.I.P. you’ll live on through your books. X

  99. What a woman!!!!!! I love you Jackie!!!!!! Please look down me and guide me with my art. You are one of a kind and will and are missed.

  100. I was just finishing The Santangelos on the 19th September when I heard the news. I can’t believe Jackie is gone. My favourite author and strong woman. Only just watched her on The One Show and Loose Women…may you rest in peace and thank you for the amazing stories and characters. I have every single book. Sad there will not be another. I will always remember you as in inspiration and perhaps as Lucky Santangelo. Love, light and blessings for you and your family Jackie, much love.

  101. My sincere condolences to all of your family Jackie. I have been a fan for decades. With much love from downunder. Rest easy lovely lady……….xoxoxoxoxo

  102. Jackie Collins was one of my favourite authors. I have every one of her books. She was such a fabulous person. I have always gone to her website and listened to her interviews. My condolences goes out to her family. I will miss her and her books. Rest in peace Jackie!

  103. I would just like to say I’m in big shock and my love and thoughts are with Jackie’s family & friends, she was a great person and a great talented writer, RIP Jackie Collins xxxx❤️❤️❤️❤️xxxx

  104. Jackie Collins has been my Favorite Author for many years. Every year I would wait impatiently for the next book. I am saddened by the news of her death. Jackie, now you will be keeping all in heaven on the edge waiting for your next novel.
    God Bless your Family❤

  105. What a shocking sad news! I didn’t know Jackie had been sick. She’s my favorite author, and sure going to miss her. My condolences to the family.

  106. I was shocked and saddened by Ms, Collins passing…have loved her books for years. I didnt know she was ill till hearing of her passing. I own many of her books read them over and over again; the Santangello series was one of my all time fave series. My heartfelt condolences to her family and friends during their time of sorrow. Godspeed Ms Collins !

  107. When I read the news last night – I began to cry – I felt like my best friend had left me. Over the years I waited for the next novel with great anticipation know if not a Lucky story – which I dearly love. I knew I was in for a ride. My heart aches for the family and friends of Jackie. Sleep well my dear Jackie. My dear friend

  108. My heart sank yesterday when I saw this news scroll across the tv. Jackie Collins has ALWAYS been my favorite author in the world,ever since I stole my first book of hers called “The Bitch”! Since that time I have bought every single book she has ever written. I love this lady so much. She was so sexy,powerful and will always be,to me,LUCKY SANTANGELO! I am glad that she kept her illness a secret,because I would have been worried to death for the past 6+ years. She did it her way. She remained glamorous,sexy,thrilling and all the good stuff to the very end. My heart goes to her children, sister Joan, brother Bill and the family.Oh I LOVE THIS WOMAN AND WILL MISS HER EVERYDAY. She was/is the sexiest writer ever and in the words of LUCKY, “Don’t F–K with a SANTANGELO/ COLLINS”!!! I am still in total disbelief that she is done writing. DAMN,DAMN,DAMN.

  109. Jackie inspired me to develop the kind of strength that she gave to her female characters. To never have doubt, to always be true, to believe that girls can do anything. RIP and much love to you Jackie, you will be dearly missed.

  110. Im shocked at this very sad news. I have every book she wrote, and will miss waiting with baited breath for another to be released.
    My heartfelt condolences to her family and friends during their time of sorrow. We will all miss you Jackie, I felt that I knew you so well, yet never had the privilage of meeting you. God bless. XxXx

  111. RIP to such a beautiful woman! I loved her writing and read most of her books at an early age. To the end, she looked amazing and was sexy and beautiful. Prayers to her children and sister and brother, may they find peace with her wonderful memories. Jackie will be frever missed by all her fans, and family. God bless.

  112. Sharing the good times with Jackie’s books, Made the good times even better. Jackie will live on forever through her books.
    My condolences to her family.

  113. What a terrible and so very sad loss to everyone who enjoyed, revelled and looked forward to every single next instalment in the wonderful works of this talented, sassy and business savvy lady. My first ever holiday was made even more exciting and special by having the story of Lucky Santangelo enter my life. A true talent, very much a lady and on hearing of her battle with this terrible illness a woman with class, dignity and fight. God bless, may you rest in peace in a place where heels, diamonds, fast cars and men of pure gorgeousness are a plenty. Heartfelt sympathy to the entire family who I hope may take some comfort in knowing what a true idol Jackie was to so many. xxxxxxxxx

  114. I am so shocked to hear she is gone. RIP Jackie. My deepest sympathy to the family , May God Bless You All . I have read all her books since the early 80’s . There will never be another writer like her , She was one of a kind.

  115. I heard about her passing on Saturday and I am still in shock. I really enjoyed all of her books and I am lucky enough to now be reading her newest novel which I am enjoying. She was definitely one of my favorite authors and I am so grateful for being able to read and enjoy her books. She will be missed and my prayers and thoughts are with her family. Blessings to you all 🙂

  116. Shocking news and sad news to receive all at once… I pray that the family can hold onto her love and her memories. We as fans will miss her and certainly wish for more of her books but then we will have to settle to treasure the ones she did give us.

    RIP Jackie Collins… and we must be comforted by the fact that you are in no more pain!!!

  117. My condolences to Jackies family.

    I am so sad to hear that she is gone. I fell in love with Jackie and her amazing books and characters over 20 years ago, and i am and will always be a true Jackie Collins fan.

    You were a classy, unique and gifted lady.


  118. “The morning-light aches
    with the pain of parting.
    Poet, take up thy flute!
    Let be, if thou must depart, and go,
    leaving thy song to the flowers
    in this dew-dripping autumn.
    Such a morning will come again
    at the gold-tinted border of the East
    with kunda flowers in her locks.
    In the shady garden path, plaintive with dove’s cooing,
    tender with the caressing enchantment of the green,
    will rise again the vision of this light,
    her steps tinkling with the anklet of thine own songs.
    Let be, if thou must depart.”
    – May this poem of Rabindranath Tagore bring my heartfelt condolences to the family of Jackie Collins. She was inspiring, encouraging and brave. She ment a lot to me since I am a writer myself. I miss her.

  119. jackie Collins is an inspiration I have her photo and books they take pride along with my family members I have lost and lit a candle said a prey. I’m blessed to have spoken to her and she took the time to come to Melbourne Australia a few years ago. My thoughts are with her family x

  120. I am completely shocked by Jackie’s death and send good warm wishes to all her family. I was fourteen when I discovered Jackie Collins – my first book was Lethal Seduction. Things were never the same again. Jackie was a natural storyteller and I’m sure future generations will rediscover her books and fall in love with the characters just like I did. Rest in peace Jackie. We’ll miss you dearly.

  121. To the Collins Family:

    I would like to wish you my deepest sympathies on the passing of your mother, the wonderful author Jackie Collins. When I found out about her passing, I was in complete shock!! She has been part of my life for so long it was like losing a dear friend of the family. I didn’t even know she was ill. I admire her strength for keeping her illness a secret for so long—especially in this time of social media where nothing can be a secret for very long. I also admired her strength and courage to continue writing her wonderful stories and traveling, despite her illness.

    I have been a fan of her work since my late teens. My first Jackie Collins book was THE WORLD IS FULL OF DIVORCED WOMEN. Ever since then, I have collected most of the Hollywood novels (i.e., HOLLYWOOD WIVES, HOLLYWOOD HUSBANDS, HOLLYWOOD KIDS, etc.) and I’m a MAJOR fan of the Lucky Santangalo series. I always got a kick out of reading about the adventures of the beautiful, sassy, street-smart, sexy, and brazenly cool Lucky Santangelo and how she was able to achieve in life, love, family, and business. She is a true role model for us modern women.

    Please know that she will always be part of your lives even after she is gone. When you look at your children, look into their eyes and you will see her. Please ask God to give all of you the courage and strength to keep you going in the days ahead. My thoughts and prayers are with your family and her sister, Dame Joan Collins. Jackie will always be in the hearts and minds of women who live and love with a passion and will always be LUCKY to take CHANCES.

    Linda D. Alexander
    Seneca, SC

  122. Jackie,

    You are such a huge inspiration to me. I am in total shock and disbelief. You were definitely a one of a kind author, by far my absolute favorite author. No other writer has ever held my interest like you, I couldn’t put your books down. I could never wait for your next Lucky installment or book to come out. I am saddened beyond words to know there will be no more. Nobody can tell Hollywoods juiciest gossip like you. You told it like it was and wasn’t afraid. I have dealt w/severe health issues, physical and verbal abuse, and major depression over the years, but it was always your books that had such an impact on me. The way you wrote, it was like I could escape my life for awhile. You always made your female character so strong, it made me believe that women can do anything. There are no words to express this awful moment. I am currently reading your newest book and will definitely take my time, knowing it will be the last. My thoughts and prayers go out to her grandchildren, daughters, brother, sister and family during this time of loss and sadness. I am heart broken I will never meet the lady who inspired me through her books. Rest in peace Jackie Collins, you were and the best. No other writer will ever compare to you.

  123. I was in double shock when I heard the sad news Sat. on the way to a “Going Home” service for a young, vibrant, caring woman who was also diagnosed with Stage IV Triple Negative Breast Cancer. She, however, lost her blazingly valiant battle after only about a year. I just wish Ms. Collins had told us all sooner as my friend did when she was diagnosed to give us more time to pray, prepare, and perhaps to save even more lives. Glad Jackie made it so much longer and got to enjoy her last years so much. My friend was hospitalized a lot of the time. Ironically, she herself was an oncology nurse and nursed her own father when he passed last year of lung cancer. My friend affected and saved so many lives, including working with wounded warriors at Walter Reed when they came back from Iraq. I was blessed that her family informed her friends to allow us to visit her in hospital and say our goodbyes however bittersweet it was. That was a real gift. 2 other young women and friends of mine are battling breast cancer right now as well as my father’s wife. I am grateful they have shared their burden too to allow me to support them in whatever ways possible. My thoughts and prayers are now with Jackie’s family as well. May she RIP. She will live on in the hearts of her family and all who knew her and she sill always be with them as my friend too will. I think Jackie and my friend would get along like gang busters and hope she was at Heaven’s Gates to help greet Jackie. They have both earned their wings with their food works on this earth. <3 I always enjoyed watching Jackie on tv even if I haven't read her books. Loved her cameo in Sharknado that was a nice surprise. You would never know she was ill. She was one strong woman as was my late friend, not the first and probably not the last I have lost to stupid breast cancer.

  124. Rest in peace dear jackie collins. I am an avid fan of your books. And what a coincidence, my mother in law also left us last Sept. 19, 2015, also of breast cancer. You’ll never be forgotten.

  125. Jackie Collins was one of my all time favorite authors. I got the pleasure to meet, get her autograph and a picture with her when she came to Atlanta in 2008. Thanks for everything and may you rest in peace.

  126. Jackie was a beautiful, strong and inspiring woman. I enjoyed her books for many years. My deepest sympathy on your loss. RIP Jackie

  127. I am so deeply saddened and shocked about the passing of my favourite novelist. Grew up watching Jackie on tv interviews and reading her books. So thankful when she came to Sydney for a book signing. That i was able to meet her.
    Lots of love and prayers to her daughters , sister, family and friends. We will miss her. She was a unique , beautiful person.

  128. I will miss you artistic and erotic way of writing about the forbidden word (sex). I am saddened by your demise, my favorite novelist. Rest in Peace Jackie.

  129. I am so sorry to hear about the passing of Jackie Collins. I am heart sick she was a very beautiful and talented writer. I loved all of her books. And I hear she was kind. Rest in Peace sweet beauty!!!! And my prayers go out to the family!!!!!!

  130. Love and prayers to your family Jackie.
    I have loved your books and admired you for as long as I can remember.
    This is such a heartbreaking loss.
    RIP sweet lady

  131. I so sorry to hear my girl passed away. miss Jackie Collins I have read all of her books, and I will truly miss her and her books. she was a beautiful woman. rest in peace

  132. I was shocked to hear that Jackie Collins has passed away such a lovely lady and very successful, I will miss Jackie and at this very sad time, my thoughts and prayers are with her sister Joan and all her family and many friends, R.I.P Jackie XXX.

  133. May be your life was a PAST IMPERFECT, but you have a lot of CHANCES for showing us many things.
    Rest in peace and I save a prayer for you.

  134. Thank you for the many years of enjoyable reading. Jackie, you will be deeply missed. May you rest in peace. Prayers to your family.

  135. I interviewed Jackie for the BBC a long time ago, for the Wogan show. One of the most charming, intelligent, glamorous people I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. Unforgettable. Rest in peace and lots of love to her family.

  136. Jackie you were a Human Jewel who would always live in your books and our memories. I still remember a sentence from one of your novels “IF A PERSON HAS LIVED HIS/HER LIFE HAPPILY FULL OF CHEERS, DEATH BECOMES CELEBRATION FOR HIM/HER R.I.P…Jackie….

  137. I am very sad and shocked about Jackie. At the moment I can’t even walk in a book shop because I feel that said. Most of books I would buy are Jackie’s. Not only was she my favourite novelist but just a lovely person that the world loved. So happy that I met her in Sydney. Rest In Peace beautiful Jackie. Love and prayers to all her family

  138. Finding out that someone that I respected and admired for so many years has passed away has been very difficult for me. I cannot even begin to imagine how hard it has been for your dearest friends and family. I still remember going to meet you in NYC on tour and you telling me that you remembered me from Twitter. It truly made my day to know that someone has big and famous, could actually take the time to remember one fan out of millions.

    It saddens me to think that you suffered alone and in silence. I am completely positive that your fans would have completely embraced you and would have tried our very best to lighten your spirit.

    Thank you so much for your inspiration, love, laughter and everything in between. Lucky will always live in my heart. (I rarely cried for a celebrity’s death before but I cannot get a grasp of my sadness for your passing.)

    Love and prayers to your family and friends….

  139. Jackie was a brave and fearful woman whom I respect deeply. She struggled to fight the disease, but didn’t lose her battle because her name and contribution to the world will live on forever. I hope to be as brave as she was in my battle with cancer. May you rest in peace and G D be with you.

  140. I was so shocked to read of Ms Collins passing I Loved each and everyone of her books and loved her for writing them…
    (I first read her Lucky series back when i was in High School many years ago)
    I lost my own mother to Kidney Cancer in 1985 so I kind of know what you all are going thru..
    I will close with my deepest condolences for her Family and tell them they are in my thoughts and prayers
    You now have an angel on your shoulder…

    With deepest sympathy
    Susie Marquez

  141. i don’t normally contribute to these kind of things but I wanted to say something here. Jackie Collins was one of the first authors I read in my teens. Her books were rude, lewd and not the kind of thing a teenager (let alone a male teenager) was encouraged to read. I read Hollywood Wives and Lovers and Gamblers back to back and enjoyed them immensely. What a fantastic bunch of characters! Jackie Collins was not a ‘literary’ writer. She wrote for the masses and played to her strengths. She used her life experience and imagination to create a world that we would not want to live in but had a fascination for us. Larger than life characters and supersoap plot lines that perfectly transferred to the television mini series that became such a staple in the 1980s. She set a trend for blockbuster novels followed by Judith Krantz, Pat Booth and many others but there was only one Jackie Collins. “Jackie does it best.”

  142. I met Jackie Collins at one of her book signings. She was a very nice lady. We share the same birthday October 4. I have all of her books 1st edition hardcover. I am going to miss her very much and her books. ?

  143. My deepest condolences and prayers to the Collins family. I have been a Jackie Collins fan since I was in my early teen years. I have read every single book. I will tremendously miss her creativity, imagination and spirit she brought to each character she has written. God bless you and give you comfort during this time. Jackie you will be tremendously missed. There will never be another author for me but you.

  144. The first “Big” book I ever read was written by Ms. Collins. Over the years, I waited anxiously for her books to hit the press. I am deeply saddened by the loss of one the greatest writers of all time. The author community will not be the same. My prayers and condolences to the family in this difficult time. My favorite book of hers is Hollywood Husbands. I will never forget the shock of discovering the character who said, “Lighting the first match was easy.” Ms. Collins had a way of blowing her readers’ minds. May she rest in peace.

  145. I was totally shocked at the news of your mother’s passing. I loved her books, the TV movies, whenever she was interviewed and her fabulous laugh!!! she was enjoyable whenever she was on TV. what a positive, upbeat person! people would try to guess who the characters in her books were, and she would never tell, she would just say there were parts of different people in the characters.
    she would go to parties and just observe. I am a breast cancer survivor. There are too many people suffering from this disease.
    To think we will have no more Jackie Collins’ books is absolutely horrible. I lost my mother within the last year and I can say from experience, it is very painful. I wish the best for your family.

  146. Dear Jacky, my first book From you was lucky and it was a gift From my best friend. That was the day you become my favorite author. I have all your books and i,m proud to have them. I thank you for all those years your books give me That special “me”moment. For your family and friends it must be very hard to let you go. I hope they will find piece and will be as strong as the woman in your books.

    RIP Jacky,

    Natascha ( the Netherlands)

  147. I am so saddened and stunned to hear about Jackie’s passing! She was truly one of my favorite authors and she will be truly missed. The first book of hers I ever read was Chances when I was 15. From that point I have been devouring her books. She wrote about strong women who did it all with no apologies. I felt that she could write that way because she was a strong woman who made no apologies for being who she was. She will forever be missed but her memory and legacy will live on. RIP Jackie, Much love!

  148. My heart broke & the tears started when I saw on the cover of People Magazine while in the grocery store last Friday, Sept. 25, 2015 that Jackie Collins had passed away. I bought that magazine today so that I would have it to read & cherish. The world has lost a wonderful & courageous woman whose legacy will live forever through her family and the characters in her books. May Jackie rest in peace & know that we all love and miss her. Thank you, Jackie for writing stories about hot & spicy guys and beautiful, courageous women! My love & prayers to Jackie’s family & friends during this painful time. You will continue to be an inspiration to women around the world. God Bless you, Jackie Collins.

  149. How lovely you seemed, Jackie. I never met you, but you’ll live on through your family & amazing legacy, inspiring generations of popular culture, along with your sister, Joan. Rest in peace & thank you for your time & friendship on-line & for your many books. What a privilege it was & still is, to ‘like’ & ‘follow’ you – we love you! Xxx

  150. I was shocked to hear of Jackies passing, I lost my own mum to breast cancer, I have loved her books for so long, she will be sadly missed xxx

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