J-Lo, Weekends, and 6 Hours More!

Monday, 16 August, 2010 / Published in Blog

Hey everyone,

I am a big J-Lo fan.  I think she is multi-talented, and I am also a big fan of her husband – the incredible Marc Anthony.  Actually, they are both multi-talented, they both sing and act, and do it well.  Currently J-Lo is not a fave of the critics, but who gives a rat’s ass about critics?  Certainly not me!!

Marc Anthony is on “Hawthorne” playing love interest to Jada Pinkett Smith and stirring it up!  Love it!

So, my Blast from the Past Video is the interview I did with J-Lo a few years ago.  Everyone warned me that she might be a bitch, but she was totally charming – as you can tell from the interview.

I had a very busy weekend … still writing “Goddess of Vengeance,” putting together my photo book “Jackie Collins Hollywood Snaps,” and also working on “The Lucky Santangelo Cookbook.” In between I fed my TiVo addiction with “True Blood,” “Rescue Me,” “Covert Affairs,” and “Burn Notice. And not to forget “Hung” and “Entourage.”  Oh to have six more hours per day!!

Sometimes I feel I live for the weekend!  Freedom to just do nothing, although this weekend I wasted almost three hours going to see Eat Pray Love – which was tedious beyond belief!!

Anyway, now it’s Monday morning, so back to work.  Have a good one!

Stay safe,


2 thoughts on “J-Lo, Weekends, and 6 Hours More!”

  1. Hi Jackie

    Thanks for the update.

    Will you bring back Don from Married Lovers? I fell in love with that guy.

    P.S. Is Mary Ellen Evans based on Jennifer Aniston? I have a strong suspicion that she is. JA comes across as being very dull and not sexy at all just like Mary Ellen. There is no way a man like Don would find her remotely attractive never mind sexy. What was he thinking?


  2. Jackie, I’ve been a fan of yours since high school! You inspired me to write my own book! Keep up the awesome job. I follow you on twitter and FB.

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