Jackie Collins – Her Final Interview (People Magazine)

Sunday, 24 January, 2016 / Published in Blog, News, Press

Sitting down with People just days before her death, the beloved author revealed her diagnosis – and spoke of her resolve to live joyously until the end. Read full interview below…

One thought on “Jackie Collins – Her Final Interview (People Magazine)”

  1. Thank you for sharing…as a cancer survivor I appreciate the candid honesty….I too felt something wasn’t quite right…but I couldn’t really comprehend it…once I found my lump…my husband and I thought that it was strange and said we’d keep any eye on it it grew fast…but it was my daughters Birthday then Easter and then my other daughters birthday. Two months passed and we felt it getting bigger…I went for a mamogram….and sad to hear breast cancer….and you need to see a surgeon immediately…I was diagnosed stages based on size 3.4. Did chemo and radiation then 2 years later found out it was back 3.7. I had felt it was right still and after going back and getting repeat needle biopsies told it was just a suroma….that was growing…turned out my dr. didn’t get it all the first time….now I’m stage 3 followed by a mastectomy a year with no breast and then reconstruction 1 year later….
    With new laws in place I have had no follow scans or blood work…no longer covered by my insurance with the new health guidelines…I don’t really know the true state of my well being…
    I just keep going doing the best I can like everyone else…keeping my mind busy and my thoughts positive…
    Best WELL wishes to you and you family,
    Rochelle McCarthy

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