Kicking off 2013!!!

Tuesday, 08 January, 2013 / Published in Blog, News

Wow! 2012 was the year that was! It sped by so fast that I felt obliged to miss Christmas.  Well, not miss it, but to do something different for a change.  Every year forever I have done the whole Christmas thing… presents, cards, decorations, huge tree, Christmas lunch for anywhere between 20 and 30 people — all cooked by me!! 

So this year I decided it was time for something different, and I packed up my entire family and we took off to the Bahamas! 

What bliss! Christmas lunch outside by the ocean—with family and friends including John and Jan Gold, and the fabulous Errol and Ginette Brown and their two gorgeous daughters.  Errol was the lead singer in Hot Chocolate, and his music is still around big time, from Every 1’s a Winner to You Sexy Thing.

It was great spending time with long-time friends, plus not having to cook, and white sands, turquoise ocean and blue skies.

But now it’s back to reality, and I have so much I wish to accomplish this year.  Don’t we all!

I am so looking forward to publishing The Power Trip on February 12th.  Just in time for Valentine’s Day if you’re looking for a sexy sun-drenched thriller with no spankings!  My heroines kick ass, they do not get their ass kicked!

I am so grateful to my legions of readers who let me know via TwitterFacebook, Instagram, Google+ and Pinterest, how much they enjoy my books.  The Power Trip is all new characters whom I think you’re going to love—or love to hate as the case may be.  I had a great time writing about a group of people who are all so different; The aging movie star with the 20 something girlfriend; The cheating senator who cannot keep it zipped and his long suffering wife; The Russian oligarch and his supermodel girlfriend; The gay Latin singing sensation and his older lover; The black Brit famous footballer and his designer wife; And Flynn—my sexy low-key super-hero.

Put this group on a luxury yacht, add Mexican and Russian gangsters—plus Somali pirates.  And I promise you a trip you will not forget in a hurry.

If you want to read a taster, download the prequel—a five thousand word short story introducing you to a few of the characters.  And click here to watch a quick video I shot doing the audio for the book.

Right now I am working on Confessions of a Wild Child —a young adult book featuring Lucky Santangelo at 15.  Fasten your seat belt ‘cause Lucky will take you on a bumpy ride!

I am also working on a photo book of pix I have taken over the last few decades at Hollywood parties, etc.  And The Lucky Santangelo Cookbook full of delicious Italian recipes and scenes between the Santangelo family.  All fun stuff.

Next I will start on The Santangelos, featuring Bobby and Max Santangelo.

So . . . I’m busy, and I’m looking forward to what 2013 might bring.  More sex scandals, divorces, babies, hook-ups . . . who knows what’s next.  I just watch what’s going on and change the names to protect the not so innocent!

That’s it for now. Stay happy and cool, and most of all STAY SAFE.


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