London and Promoting Paris Connections

Wednesday, 01 September, 2010 / Published in Blog

First day in London. The weather is beautiful. This is such a fantastic city!! I have already done four radio shows this morning to promote PARIS CONNECTIONS, the movie I produced about one of my favorite charactors, MADISON CASTELLI.  The movie is exclusive to TESCO and will be available online at TESCO.COM (you can pre-order it until September 6 when it’s out on the market).  This afternoon off to do more promos and THE ONE SHOW on TV.  Later, dinner with two old friends, Shakira & Michael Caine.  Cant wait!!   Slept for 10 hours last night, so no jet lag!! 

More tomorrow.

Stay safe and happy,


3 thoughts on “London and Promoting Paris Connections”

  1. Hi Jackie,

    When will the movie be available for purchase in the US? I tried to order from Tesco but they do not ship outside of the UK….can’t wait to see it!

  2. Jackie,

    You are a true Icon. I was so excited to see you on the “One Show”, and for once they starred a fantastic guest!
    I have been going through a horrible divorce and the Santangelo saga’s have given me that girl power to get me through. Your characters have been inspirational.
    I am so looking forward to Paris Connections the movie, and when will your new book be out?

    Enjoy your time in London, and I would recommend Rules restaurant in Covent Garden.

    Thank you for your words.


  3. I just finished reading L.A. Connections and loved it!!
    My goal is to read every single one of your books and I’ve, so far, read Thrill! L.A. Connections and now The World Is Full Of Divorced Women!
    I love them all…you inspire me to write my own books and get this I am only 16! Your books keep me on my toes and I’m always falling in love with the characters then I get so excited to read the next book! You’re very talented and I would love to meet you!

    Thank you!

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