Lucky And London!!!!!

Monday, 18 April, 2011 / Published in Blog

Hey everybody,

Well here I am in good old London, and loving every minute!!  The weather is great, the British sense of humor is intact, and nothing has changed … although there is a lot of talk about the royal wedding.  I will be back in the US by then, and talking about it on The TV Guide Channel with Kathy Griffin!!  Fun!!!

Meanwhile, it’s been full on here, interview after interview and I am delighted to say that everyone seems to be loving GODDESS OF VENGEANCE!!!  It is racing out the stores, and everyone is thrilled that LUCKY is back, not to mention Denver, Bobby and Max.  All the favorite characters.

There’s been so much to fit in here.  Friends and family, meetings with my publishers, and endless interviews and meetings with booksellers. It’s all go, but I love it!!  Last night was dinner with my fab brother, his wife Hazel, and the lovely Glynis Barber and her husband Michael Brandon (UK folk will remember them as TVs Dempsey & Makepeace).  Tonight I get to have dinner with the beautiful Dannii MINOGUE. I am reading her book, MY STORY, and it’s really good.

More soon.

With love,


2 thoughts on “Lucky And London!!!!!”

  1. I cant wait to get my copy, no copies in South Africa yet. I’m so sad. My mind cant read anything else. Totally reader blocked. Looking forward to reading GOV. Lucky, Denver and Bobby looooooove them.

    Thank you for the wonderful work JACKIE. Love you Much


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