Meeting The Queen & Receiving An OBE Award!

Monday, 09 December, 2013 / Published in Blog

As my trip to London draws to a close, I am reflecting on what a fun trip it has been.  

First off, I got to meet the Queen!!  And what an amazing woman she is.  She stands for over two hours handing out awards & manages to have a short conversation with every recipient.  Incredible stamina, especially for a woman in her eighties.  She is charming & well informed about everyone.  I was receiving an OBE  award, which stands for Order Of The British Empire. Arriving at Buckingham Palace was quite something, especially as when I lived in london I lived in a penthouse that overlooked the Palace gardens. Never thought I would actually make it inside!!  The people working at the Palace are quite delightful, very helpful & full of humor.  Upon arrival all recipients of awards are ushered into a kind of huge waiting room, with fantastic works of art on the walls. I was dying to whip out my camera, but sadly no cameras are aloud in the Palace, except by official photographers. Those photos you can order and pay for, which of course I did. Who doesn’t want a photo with the Queen, and I don’t mean Elton John!!  After half an hour we get our instructions of how to behave when meeting Her Majesty. It all sounds very complicated what with curtsying and walking backwards when she ends her chat with you. Hmmm… tripping up is not an option!  Soon we are all ushered into a long line

waiting for our turn. Eventually mine arrives, and I step forward, and there I stand meeting the Queen!  “I understand you have written many books,” she says, or something like that. “Yes, Your Majesty,” I reply, adding a quick “Not bad for a school drop out!!”  She smiles, I mumble something about how beautiful she is, then she pins the medal on me, proffers her hand, and I’m on my way, walking backwards, not tripping up!

On reflection it was all very surreal, but certainly a day to remember.  Later I hosted a great lunch at SAN LORENZO for 35 friends & family. So nice. My daughter Rory made a fantastic speech, and I was surrounded with love & friendship. Everyone from Michael & Shakira Caine, Terry O’Neil, my sister & her husband, Percy, my brother Bill & his lovely wife, Hazel, and Tracy, India, Dylan, Chloe, Ben, David, etc. I could go on and on. Suffice to say, it was a memorable day.

The rest of my London trip has been a whirlwind of dinners, shopping, business meetings and a serious cold!!! Loved appearing on The Paul O’Grady show with JLS & Dido. Paul is the best!!

So now its back to LA and writing THE SANTANGELOS. Cant wait!!


With love & warm wishes,


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