My guest post on Amazon: On Rewriting “The Bitch”

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Rewriting my early novel The Bitch was a labor of love.  I have always enjoyed writing the character of Fontaine Khaled, the jet-set nymphomaniac with a penchant for wildly attractive, sexy rich men.

I first introduced Fontaine in my early novel The Stud, which I produced as a movie starring my sister, Joan Collins.

Well, Joan did such a fine job playing Fontaine in the film that famed Hollywood producer Aarron Spelling viewed The Stud and immediately decided that Fontaine was such an iconic character he would change her name to Alexis Carrington and star Joan in Dynasty playing her.  Alexis/Fontaine.  Same character.  Read The Bitch and see!

Anyway, Fontaine was so much fun to write, that I couldn’t resist revisting The Bitch and revising it for your pleasure – I hope!

In The Bitch, you will not only meet Fontaine and sexy womanizing gambler, Nico Constantine – whom Fontaine eventually hooks up with.  But you will also meet a cast of fast-talking interesting characters ranging from Hollywood Princess Susanna Brent – daddy is superstar singer, Carlos Brent.  To Dino Fonicetti – playboy son of the infamous gangster, Joseph Fonicetti.  And Cherry Lotte – a gorgeous naïve girl with big Hollywood dreams.

The Bitch is set in L.A., London and Vegas.  And the action is nonstop.  Fontaine sure knows how to have a good time!

I do hope you will enjoy reading The Bitch as much as I enjoyed revising it!

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