Old friends and new movies in NYC

Sunday, 04 October, 2009 / Published in Blog

Tomorrow came and went in a blaze of shopping, catching up with friends, viewing movies in my hotel (Bruno – a sexist mess. The Ugly Truth – sexist but fun. My Life in Ruins – colorful and mindless! And finally A Perfect Getaway, a terrific thriller starring a very sexy Timothy Olyphant).

Dinner at the Monkey Bar, great food and ambiance and lots of catching up with my friend Ann Jones (mum of Sam Ronson) and of course many stories – but don’t worry – I’ll change the names of the not so innocent when I write about them!

Today we made our way through the horrendous New York traffic (two parades in town). Lunch at the Russian Tea Room with the delightful Ileen Maisel, producer of my upcoming movie Paris Connections, which we will make specially for DVD and it will feature my heroine from several books, Madison Castelli. More about that later.

Also at lunch was Cheryl Richardson, motivational speaker and the extremely talented author of many best selling self help books. (www.cherylrichardson.com). I like her so much, she is an extremely inspiring woman and you should all check her out.

Now I am off to dinner at Nobu – so more soon. Stay safe.


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  1. Oh my God. I never knew I could stay up all night and read a book all the way through. I had never heard of you until my mom introduced me to one of your Santangelo novel called Chances. After that I was hooked. It would be in honor for me and my mom to read your newest novel: Poor Little Bitch Girl. Again u do great work and dont stop doing what u do best. Again I am a huge fan of your work. Keep up the good work hon. And my mom says hi and she is a big fan of your work as well.

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