Oprah the Great!

Friday, 20 May, 2011 / Published in Blog

Next week we say goodbye to Oprah, an American institution.  She has been around so long that she almost seems part of the family.  We’ve seen her through fat and thin, scandal and rumor, the heartbreak of 9/11, and the guru who could create a huge bestselling book just by mentioning the title, and help propel Barak Obama to become an American President.

Yes, Oprah is a legend.  And I have been lucky enough to know her since her rise to power began.

Way back in the 80’s my publicist informed me that a TV host called Oprah was coming to Hollywood, and would I be prepared to jump into a limo with her and cruise up and down Rodeo Drive pointing out the shopping habits of Hollywood Wives.  I thought it sounded like a fun idea, and so my relationship with Oprah began.

Oprah was so ambitious and feisty and so much fun to talk to.  We had a ball cruising up and down Rodeo in the limo dissecting the shopping habits of all the Hollywood Wives – whom I’d written about in my 1983 bestselling book, followed by a star studded Aaron Spelling produced mini-series.

Later I visited Oprah in Chicago where she was the host of AM Chicago.  We did an hour show together talking about everything.  After that more limo trips along Rodeo.  And then another hour long show on AM Chicago to promote my book “Lucky.” I will always remember Oprah’s warm introduction… “Honey, Jackie knows what goes on between the sheets of Hollywood tops stars and producers and who’s sleeping with whom…”  Fun stuff!!

After “Lucky” I appeared on the original Oprah show on a regular basis.  One of my fondest memories was promoting my book “Rock Star,” and sitting next to the legendary rock group KISS.  Now that was a memorable show, especially when Oprah read out the most salacious passage from “Rock Star,” followed by Gene Simmons showing her his famous tongue!

My final appearance on Oprah was with a panel of smart women who’d achieved so much.  I was there talking about my book “Lady Boss.” After that, Oprah moved onto more serious, very literary books.  But I will always remember with great fondness being there at the beginning, and seeing the birth of a mega-star.

For a taste of me and Oprah, check out the Blast from the Past video I’ve posted.  My mullet alone is worth a quick view!!

Bye, bye, Oprah.  We will all miss you.


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  1. Hi Jackie!

    I’ve watched (and very much enjoyed) the Oprah show you posted (in which you talk about “Lucky”). Would you be able to post the other shows as well? Seeing the one of you promoting “Lady Boss” alongside of a panel of successful women would be definitely worth watching!

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