Oscar Fun At Vanity Fair!

Friday, 04 March 2011 / Published in Blog

Hi everyone –

Okay, so Oscar night in Hollywood is over – or should I say Oscar month?  Parties, parties, parties … and all the nominees out there selling themselves.  It’s quite a circus, culminating in the event itself, which this year produced no surprises.  Natalie Portman, Colin Firth, etc.  Yeah, yeah.  It was all a forgone conclusion.

However, not a forgone conclusion is the fun that goes on at the very exclusive Vanity Fair yearly Oscar party to which I am lucky enough to be invited.  First there is an exclusive viewing dinner where everyone watches the show.  At other tables were Mick Jagger, Anderson Cooper, Jon Hamm and dozens of other famous faces.  Yes, Jon Hamm is even better looking in person, and Anderson Cooper deserves the title of Silver Fox!

After the ceremony is finished the tables vanish, and everyone mingles intent on having a good time.  It’s great meeting people you’ve always admired.  My big thrill was introducing myself to Michael C. Hall who stars as Dexter on T.V. and is a consummate actor.  What a talented man, and so charming.

After a while, all the stars who were at the actual ceremony come pouring in brandishing Oscars.  The gorgeous Sandra Bullock who played Lucky’s mom (she was 19!) in my NBC mini-series “Lucky Chances.” Sandra looked stunning in a fabulous red gown.  Madonna and child – looking like sisters!  Justin Bieber holding court with his very pretty girlfriend, Selena Gomez.  And Mick Jagger prancing around like a teenager!

Not to mention Cameron Diaz in a mini up to there!  Taylor Swift, who is major tall.  Sweet Hailee Steinfeld in a pretty – and very appropriate for her age – fairy frock.  Rock royalty Steven Tyler chatting to Elton John.  Reese Witherspoon with a girlish ponytail and great earrings.  Justin, Jessica, Jake … I could go on and on.  But suffice to say that it was an amazing party, and I cannot wait for next year!

Well, that’s it for now.  Looking forward to heading to the UK in mid April for the release of “Goddess of Vengeance.”

Until then, stay safe and happy,


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