Oscars, Jane Fonda and ‘Burgers!

Monday, 08 March, 2010 / Published in Blog

So today I am recovering from the fab Vanity Fair Oscar Party.  The VF Oscar Party is always the best.  Starting with a viewing dinner at 5:30 it goes way into the night, and I eventually got home at 2 AM!!!

Sitting at the dinner with Jane Fonda and her boyfriend, record producer Richard Perry, was really fun, as like me, Jane is an avid tweeter!  So all night we were attempting to out tweet each other! Bill Maher was also busy tweeting, so the show went fast. The highlight of the somewhat long show, was the beautiful and talented Kathryn Bigelow winning so many awards for her amazing movie, The Hurt Locker. Yeah!!!!! So Great!! A woman finally won Best Director!!! LOVE IT!!

After the viewing party really took off, and before long,  all the stars came piling in, Oscars and all! Even Elton John made it from his own party, where he’d raised millions of dollars for his AIDS charity.  Congrats Elton.  So many start it is impossible to name them all, from P.Diddy to Jodie Foster to Robert Downey to Jerry Seinfeld & Larry David, they were all mixing and mingling. What a true Hollywood night. So much fun!

The rest of my week was calm by comparison, although I did have a very amusing interview with the very sexy Mario Lopez on EXTRA, where I told him I think I wrote about him in “Poor Little Bitch Girl“!! He took it well, especially when I told him he was good in bed, the character of course!!

My movie Paris Connections finished shooting, and I am looking forward to seeing a rough cut.  And most exciting of all, “Poor Little Rich Girl” hit number 4 on the New York Times Bestseller List. Thanks to all of you rushing out to buy it.  You’re the best!!

Stay safe and more soon.


2 thoughts on “Oscars, Jane Fonda and ‘Burgers!”

  1. You Rock Jackie. Your sister looks great as always. I love her acting & she was Awesome in the movie The Bitch & The Stud. Hope she’ll be in your new novel Poor Little Bitch Girl or Halle Berry. I hope I’ll get the Sexy Novel of Poor Little Bitch Girl from you. I love the cover. Thanks for all the up dates.

    Your Loving fan From Oman


  2. Great pictures!! It looks like you had a lot of fun! You and your sister are beautiful. I also enjoyed the pictures you posted on Facebook of Percy Gibson.

    P.S. I’m about to start reading, “PLBG”


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