Poor Little Bitch Girl Tour Begins

Friday, 02 October, 2009 / Published in Blog

Well, I am off on my magical mystery tour for the publication of POOR LITTLE BITCH GIRL in England, but first a weekend in New York with two of my daughters (I have three). One flew in from London, and the other one who created the fab Tiny Tillia line for babies and toddlers (check out www.tinytillia.com) flew with me on Virgin America from L.A.

Nice flight. Tim Gunn aboard looking dapper as usual. And sitting next to him a rather large gentleman in shorts who decided to remove his shoes for the entire flight, and yes – no socks on his bare feet! Seems he imagined he was on a beach! And they say I make characters up! This one even I couldn’t invent!

I love New York. So much frantic energy.

More later!


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