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Monday, 07 June, 2010 / Published in Blog

Hey everyone,

Decided today that I would answer some of the most asked questions I receive.

First off, people are always asking me the order of my books, and there is a list on my website with all the relevant publishing dates.  As far as the Santangelo books are concerned (all six of them!) the order is as follows: “Chances,” “Lucky,” “Lady Boss,” “Vendetta – Lucky’s Revenge,” “Dangerous Kiss,” and “Drop Dead Beautiful.” Currently I am working on “Goddess of Vengeance” the next Santangelo book!  Also Bobby Santangelo – Lucky’s hot son – is a major character in “Poor Little Bitch Girl,” my latest bestseller, and Lucky makes a few brief appearances in that as well.

To all my Australian readers, I do intend to return – maybe with my next book.  I love Australia, and everything it has to offer.  Friendly people, amazing scenery, and fab food!!  I’ll be back!!

Often people ask me about previous books and if the characters will ever return.  Yes!  I love bringing back characters from previous novels, it’s always fun.

Another frequently asked question is where you can purchase DVD’s of my movies.  Periodically do searches on Amazon and eBay for the titles you are looking for, as they will appear when copies are available.

Also, for any fans who have issue submitting an autograph request form – please mail your request to:

Jackie Collins
P.O. Box 46609
Los Angeles, CA 90049

I’ve decided to close the Ask Jackie section on my website, so I can focus more on Facebook, Twitter, and time permitting, would really like to respond to comments posted on my website.  With that said, here are answers to some fans who had recently submitted Ask Jackie questions …

Michelle Richards in Toronto, Canada – I am delighted I inspired you, and don’t give up!  Ever!

Joanne – checkout the fantasies in my book “Hollywood Divorces.”  I think you’ll like!

I was in Memphis, Teri – loved the spare ribs!!

Hannah – regarding life in L.A.  Yes, celebrities are all over the place!  It’s fun going celebrity spotting!

Nicole – Max Santangelo was indeed named Maria, and in “Drop Dead Beautiful” she told Lucky she wanted to change her name to Max, so there you have it!

Okay, back to writing “Goddess of Vengeance.”

Have fun and stay safe!

All good thoughts,


11 thoughts on “Questions & Answers”

  1. Dearest Jackie,

    Thanks a lot for answering most of the questions for us. I’m glad to know that you’ll be brining back the charters. I would love you to write about Al King & Dallas from Lovers & Gamblers. My friend loved this books so much, that was the first novel I’ve ever read back in 1999 & yes I told my friend to read it. Still going strong with Chances loved it. Looking forward for the next Lucky Santangelo novel. It was much easier to request an Autograph by email Jackie but never the less I’ll write to you by mail. You ROCK THE HOUSE girl.



  2. so excited about GODDESS OF VENGEANCE but get on the phone to Company magazine in the UK who published that your next book would be “vendetta: lucky’s revenge” which all good fans know is already out! travesty! 🙂
    can’t wait for your next book, I love all the Santangelo series 🙂

  3. You are by far my favorite author! I’ve read 80% of your books and eagerly wait for the next one to come out. I have my own blog ( where I write about my dating life in NYC. You inspired me to become a writer and I’m actually working on a book of my own right now. Keep the books coming, I love reading them!!

  4. You can definitely see your enthusiasm in the work you write. The world hopes for more passionate writers like you who aren?ˉt afraid to say how they believe. Always go after your heart.

  5. Hi Jackie,

    Thank you so much for making mention of coming back to visit Australia sometime in the near future. Don’t forget to come see us in Melbourne! I’m really looking forward to reading the new book and will be keeping my eyes out for it’s release in OZ.
    Stay beautiful, girl!

    Much love,
    Loran xo

  6. Hi Jackie..

    I enjoy your books although I am in the middle of ‘drop dead beautiful’. May I ask why you go into depth of explaining your characters having sex so much?

  7. Dear Jackie Collins;

    In my opinion, i think you are the best author that i have ever read books from. i’m only 18 years old, but no other has ever kept my atention the way you did. it all started last year during the end of summer after michael jackson had died. i was so bored wandering aroud the house… i remember looking threw my mom’s book shelf..(usually i never read; but in this case, i was willing to try anything) so i saw a book called chances and it was a book that i have seen a million times before since i was little, my mom had always had that book and i nerver thought anything of it. (it’s an old copy; with a women’s face on the cover and here hair is to the side, and you are on the back cover) anyways, i read the back of it, then opened it up and immediatly began reading it, wht first caught my attention was the facial descriptions you used to describe Gino and Lucky, then The part when Dario is having sex with a darkhaired boy; within those few pages, i couldnt put the book down… throughout reading, i often wondered what kind of person coulf the author be to right such an exiting, sexual and interesting novel. i remember when my junior year started, i would bring the book to skewl and me and my freinds would read it together.. it was amazing. after chances a read a few oher books from the Santangelo series; falling in love with each book, the only one i could not seem to find was Lucky, so i skipped and read all the way up to dangerous kiss; but i would still love to read lucky…………. what i want to tell you is that your books are so amazing, you seem like such a luxerious person, and that how i see your characters; especially Lucky; she is not my favorite, but she comes in a close second!!! i want to be a free sexually, powerful, and confident as she is.. in lots of ways, you kind of remind me of her..i really admire you, and aspire to live like you do somedy!!! XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOX ~love Brooke Seider

  8. Hi Jackie

    Can you say when you are or if you are coiming to England to do any book signings?

    I have been reading your books since September and never really read before but now I cant stop, i’ve read 7 of your books and im in the middle of Poor little bitch girl and its very good. I really like Carolyn and as I read im thinking somethings bads going to happen to her! v exciting and Denver reminds me of Cameron from Married Lovers a bit.

    Hope your in the UK soon!!!!!

  9. I LOVE the Santangelo family. I’ve been reading the books sort of backwards and now finally reading Chances – oh my gosh I absolutely love reading how Gino started his empire and enjoy visualizing the building of the family tree.I think I’ll have to read all the books again to make sure I didn’t miss a thing! You are amazing. Thank you Jackie.

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