Secrets, Sex, and Mother’s Day

Monday, 03 May, 2010 / Published in Blog

First off … big congratulations to Sandra Bullock and her adorable new baby, Louis.  What a way to make a comeback into the public eye.  Brilliant!  And who said you can’t keep a secret in Hollywood, because apparently you can!  I wish Sandra and the baby a long and happy life together.

On a sour note – Rielle Hunter on Oprah.  Wow!  What a piece of work!  Distant, egotistical, proud of her dirty deeds, and totally unrepentant.  Lets put it this way, if I wrote about Rielle Hunter as a fictional character, everyone would totally loathe her.  I get this strong feeling Oprah felt the same way.  Oh yes, and John Edwards is a pathetic, lying, cheating, wimp … but enough about those two losers.

“Poor Little Bitch Girl” came out in paperback in England this week, and I am happy to say it’s zooming up the charts.  I love the fact that my readers are all so loyal.  Thank you.  And a big thank you to all the people who faithfully follow me on Twitter (jackiejcollins) and Facebook.  I get a real kick out of all your comments and insightful opinions on all kinds of subjects, it’s really interesting and fun to communicate with you all.  Obviously I cannot answer everyone all the time – otherwise I would never have time to write – but I do my best.

A lot of men have asked me what they should get their wives for next Sundays Mother’s Day.  Nothing like chocolates, roses, and an entertaining book.  Naturally I suggest they buy “Poor Little Bitch Girl” so they can both enjoy!  It’s amazing how many women tell me that they learned everything about sex by reading my books under the covers with a flashlight when they were teenagers!

Anyway, here’s wishing all the mothers out there a fantastic and loving day – with or without “Poor Little Bitch Girl!!”

Have a great one and stay safe,


6 thoughts on “Secrets, Sex, and Mother’s Day”

  1. Just have to say I love all of your books….I am hoping you will put a spin on the Lindsay Lohan insanity…that material is perfect!

  2. Hello my favorite author Ms. Collins, I have been reading all your books since I was in my early twenties. You have always fascinated me. Throughout the years I have endured several obstacles in my life. Recently enrolled in a University to obtained my Bachelor’s Degree with an English major to help me with my writing. I want to write books also, since I am not able to hold down a permanent job. Your inspiration is getting me there. This is giving me the will power to live. Thank you. Wishing you many more novels to come. Much happiness with your family. Have a Happy Mother’s Day to you also.


  3. hi, bought the newest of a long line of excellent novels poor little bitch girl on tues.Its now friday evening n im sad to say ive finished the book but very very happy to say oh my god what a blast.Every jackie collins ive read and unable to put down once i have it in my grasp leave a wider then wide smile on my face,so now back to waiting for my next fix !!! bring it on cant wait xx

  4. Hi Jackie.

    i jjust wanted to leave you a comment and say i love all your books. i have been reading them since i was 18. i am 28 now. i cant wait for your next book to come out. i live in Aberdeen scotland and i do not work as i have problems with my heart. i am doing a home course which diploma in fiction writing. since the day i read your books i wanted to be a writer and i am hoppping i get my diploma. i am hopping to start writing some sort of story and see how it goes.

    anyhoo keep up the good and i look forward to readig more of your work

    Nikki from Aberdeen

  5. Hi

    Ive just read your book Drop dead beautiful, and all I can say is wow..that book was really amazing, can you believe I finished over 2 days coz I just couldnt put it down. Its the first time I’ve read a book written by you and I cant wait to get my hands on the rest of your novels, I hope to buy all of the novels with the lucky santangelo character. And I loved the ending of Drop dead…


  6. I loved Poor Little Bitch Girl amd can’t wait for the new Lucky Saga, but what about Lucky’s other son Gino and Lennie’s son by Claudia. i am in the process of reading the Lucky books in order, haven’t read them in a while and I sometimes love going back. I am ready Dangerous Kiss right now, you would think I’ve never read them before the way I can’t put them down. All the best to you.

    Patrice from Shy Town

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