Sexy Bobby S. and Guilty Pleasures

Tuesday, 13 April, 2010 / Published in Blog

The highlight of my week – a fab evening at the YaYa Boutique ( in El Segundo, meeting the incredible ladies of the Guilty Pleasures Book Club.  They all had a copy of “Poor Little Bitch Girl,” and they were all in lust with Bobby Santangelo Stanislopolous!  It was so much fun talking to them, signing books and answering their questions.  What a smart, interesting group of women.  Be sure to check out the photos I posted from the event.

On another night I went to a terrific birthday party for legendary record producer, Clive Davis.  The party took place at the house the smart and beautiful Jane Fonda shares with talented record producer Richard Perry.  Great house.  Great party.  It was fun catching up with old friends including Warren Beatty and Penny and Rod Stewart.  Enough name dropping – suffice it to say, it was a fantastic night.

I am working on the Lucky Santangelo cook book … you are going to totally love her super tasty meat balls!

Also working on the final cut of Paris Connections.  Very sexy, and Paris looks gorgeous – so does Nicole Steinwedell as Madison Castelli.  I had dinner with Nicole at Mr. Chow, and every guy in the restaurant could not keep their eyes off her.  She is a true natural beauty, and a very accomplished actress.  The scenes with her and Jake, played by Anthony Delon, are tres sexy!!

Is it just me, or do the weeks fly by?  I wish there were ten more hours a day!

Coming up soon I will be having lunch with the Harrah’s contest winners in Las Vegas.  I love Vegas – the food, the people, and of course the gambling!!  Nothing like winning!!  I hope!!

Anyway, off to feed my T.V. addiction.  Waiting on my TiVo … “Life Unexpected,” “The Vampire Diaries,” and of course “Spartacus” and “Nurse Jackie.”  Not to forget – “Modern Family” and “Brothers & Sisters.”

Yes, my name is Jackie Collins and I’m a T.V. addict!

And I have no desire to be saved!!

More soon, stay safe,


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