Six More Hours A Day, Please!

Monday, 29 November, 2010 / Published in Blog

Hey everyone,

With Thanksgiving gone we are now on the road to Christmas.  I cannot believe it – where has this year gone?  Another six hours a day would suit me just fine!  I have still not finished writing “Goddess of Vengeance,” although I spend every day at my desk allowing my characters to take me on a wild and wonderful trip.  The exciting thing for me about writing is that I never know what they are going to do next.  I do not plot and plan, every day I sit down and go where the characters take me.  That way I never get bored, and from all the lovely emails, Tweets, and Facebook comments I get from you all – neither do you!

Lucky is back in a big way, and I know you all love Lucky.  She is a strong, smart, seductive, savvy, kick ass woman who does it her way.  Yay!!  We need more of those.

I have always called Lucky my James Bond for women because she says all the things we would like to say, and does all the things we would like to do.  Lucky has strength and style – a lethal combination.

I am so glad you are all enjoying the store on my website.  It is fun to receive your requests for books that I can personalize for you – especially as these books are unobtainable elsewhere in hardcover, and I know a lot of you are collectors.

I did not travel this Thanksgiving as I do not fancy being x-rayed or groped.  What a choice!  We should do what the Israelis do and question people – it may take longer, but there have been no hidden bomb incidents.

You often ask me what my hobbies are.  Well, I enjoy taking photos of friends and family, and printing them out myself.  It is a totally relaxing thing to do.  So is recording all my favorite shows on TiVo and watching them at my leisure (what leisure?!).  Current addictions are “Dexter,” “Gossip Girl,” “Modern Family,” “Hawaii Five-O,” “Burn Notice,” … I could go on and on!!

I also love music and making my own CD’s.  Everything from Rap to Latin.  And going to the movies or catching them on Netflix.  Yes, I am a popular culture junkie, and proud of it!

So… back to my characters.  What will they do today?  I have no clue!!

Stay safe and happy,


4 thoughts on “Six More Hours A Day, Please!”

  1. I can not wait to read Goddess Of Vengeance. U r a amazing author. I have read all of your other books that u have wrote. Thank you for all the fun and exciting things that the characters do.

  2. Im a 20 year old girl living alone in the north of Scotland. After having recently moved away from home I discovered your books through a magazine which was doing a promotion and since then have been totally hooked! I don’t know how I would survive without the enchanting tales of your crazy characters. After each novel I read, the smile on my face is a permanent fixture for days. I have even had dreams about your books, dreaming that I am infact one of these characters leading this drama filled life. I have never been a big reader but since discovering your books I am rarely seen without a Jackie Collins novel in hand. I would like to take this opportunity to thank-you and also say that I am very much looking forward to reading ”Goddess of Vengeance”. xx

  3. WOW. Jackie you rock. Love your hobbies. I keep myself busy always buy listening to music, dancing, watching movies & of course going to work. Love listening to 80’s music. Looking forward for LUCKY. Keep writing & we’ll keep reading. xxx

  4. I’m in awe of pantsers! (authors who don’t plot but write…by the seat of their pants as it were) I have to an outline of what’s supposed to happen even if it’s just in my head. This isn’t to say surprises don’t happen, sure do but I need the road map.

    I’m a pop culture junkie too! Hear you talking often of Boardwalk Empire and I’m DYING to watch this series but don’t get HBO so I’m hoping to catch up either online somewhere or see if the DVD’s are available yet.

    YAY for more Lucky. ALL of your female characters are fantatsic but Lucky definitely seems to have resonated with so many!

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