The Latest from my PLBG tour

Tuesday, 16 February, 2010 / Published in Blog
Jackie with Sandra Bullock
Jackie with Sandra Bullock

So… I had every intention of writing a daily blog during my last weeks trip to promote “Poor Little Bitch Girl” in New York.  But who knew I wouldn’t have a second!

From the moment I arrived it was all go.  Several TV shows each day, radio satellite tours, meetings with major bloggers, and everything wrapped up in a big New York blizzard and snow storm!  It was crazy!

Starting with “Good Morning America,” where George Stephanopoulos was banned from saying “Poor Little Bitch Girl!!”  Insane!  Everyone wanted to know the title after that,  so “Jackie Collns” hit the top of Google and get got so many hits inside of an hour the website crashed!

Next day I tripped my way onto “The View” and had fun with the ladies – Barbara Walters did say the title!  But Wendy Williams said, “Poor little witch girl!!”

Later went on Joy Behar’s CNN show, and we had a great time.  But the most fun of all was “Watch What Happens: Live” on Bravo with the fab Andy Cohen, and the outrageous table throwing Teresa from “The Real Housewives of New Jersey.”

I also appeared on Fox’s “Sean Hannity Show” and loved it!!

In between shows I managed a few parties.  Ran into the very talented Sandra Bullock, and the incredible Lee Daniels (director of Precious).

All and all it was quite a trip, and I’m delighted to say that “Poor Little Bitch Girl” is flying off of the shelves.

More soon,

2 thoughts on “The Latest from my PLBG tour”

  1. WOW. Thanks so much for the up date girl. I’ve watched the view on You Tube & also the ABC Radio show. I’m glad you said the title of the book, read my lips POOR LITTLE BITCH GIRL. I love this title & loved reading it too. My favourite bitch is Denver Jones & of course not forgetting Lucky’s HOT son Bobby. I love him a lot. It will be Awesome if you make a movie out of this. Looking forward for Lucky’s novel Goddess of Vegeance & also looking forward for your Autograph. Love Jackie & hope to meet you someday.

    Your Loving fan from Oman,

    Hugs & Kisses

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