Welcome to the all-new JackieCollins.com !

Tuesday, 26 January, 2010 / Published in Blog, News

At last! Here is my new website; I hope you like it as much as I do.

I’ve been having a great time lately communicating with you on Facebook and Twitter, and I hope you’ll sign up to stay connected with me throughout the year on my website!

Quick Contest

Poor Little Bitch Girl will be available on February 9th. I have decided that whoever posts the best two-paragraph review on my site within the first two weeks of publication will receive a special personally-signed copy of Poor Little Bitch Girl, along with signed trade paperbacks of Drop Dead Beautiful and Lovers and Players.

So get your copy of Poor Little Bitch Girl today and start writing your reviews!

Welcome everyone!

More soon!

10 thoughts on “Welcome to the all-new JackieCollins.com !”

  1. I became a fan of yours with your book Chances, fell in love with your Gino Santangelo. This book was truly wonderful, I liked it so well that I ordered a copy again because the original book was destroyed, the one with the pick cover where you described Gino as the best looking man alive or in your mind. Anyway I ordered a new book and when I read it the characters and the book seem difference. Did you update the book? I know the cover is different, how can I get the original one.

  2. An absolute page turner. I walked into Annabelle’s shoes from page one! The more I read, the more I desired. To live this lifestyle is glamours in my mond, and kept the pages turning. I barely put the book down, and who can ever look at a politician again, not me without a giggle.

    I sympathized with the loss of Belle’s mother, but her strive to do things her way, and push onward….powerful, lustful, and down right desireable!

    I love it, love it love it! Cant wait to read it again!

  3. Is AnnMarie N. doing this website? She is so great! We both love our Pugs and LOVE Jackie C books<3

  4. What is the name of your next publication, after “Poor Little Rich Bitch” and when will it be available?

    Your are an awsome writer!

    Many thanks,

    Ben Mangels

  5. jackie u are awesome. wen i read ur books its like im watchin a movie,so detailed…explicit. i wish 2 b like lucky santangelo…a REAL woman.
    i appreciate you!

  6. Hi.am ur no 1 fan all da way from kenya.just completed da copy ‘poor little bitch girl’ and hoping ur next release comes soonest. Is da Bobby & Denver in da next book?? Lucky and Lennie??

  7. I am a fan of all you lucky Santanglo books, Do you think you will be making any more movies because I would love to see them. Thank you for making all books so entertaining, and abit of everyones fantasy.

  8. Poor Little Bitch Girl is the first book of yours I’ve read. And it’s such a good read. For anyone in touch with their male and female aspects, it speaks to both.

    But……Is it the USA? There is a sort of immaculate, well-washed, almost sterilised flavour along with the delcious sensuality and story telling. For instance, there is a great opening, as Bella surveys “her nude image in a full-length mirror”.

    I’m sure Bella wouldn’t shave – after all she’s Italian, and would have that wonderful earthiness. So she would see her bush, red and dark and profuse. Men have adored it. Have twined flowers in it. Surely she would appreciate it now?

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