Lucky Chances (miniseries)

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Lucky Chances (miniseries)

Based on the Jackie Collins novels "Chances" and "Lucky," this miniseries traces forty years in a powerful mob family where the Don and his daughter are in direct competition--and each appears more ruthless than the other.

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Synopsis of Lucky Chances (miniseries)

The torrid intrigues and passions of a Mafia Don and his gorgeous daughter. They explode in this steamy drama spanning 40 violent years in the life of a ruthless underworld family.

Devastatingly handsome Gino Santangelo parleys illegal profits and illicit affairs into a Las Vegas gambling empire. Soon Gino infiltrates the seductive, power-mad worlds of Hollywood and Washington, courting beautiful actresses and blackmailing ambitious politicians.

The strained relationship between Gino and his stunningly beautiful, rebellious daughter Lucky finally erupts into a dangerous power struggle. Gino flees America avoiding a criminal investigation initiated by his illegitimate son — and the cunning Lucky seizes power.

Now father and daughter must choose between fighting each other — or the deadly menace which threatens to destroy the Santangelo empire.

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12 Responses to “Lucky Chances (miniseries)”

  1. Sophie Lozanoski says : Reply

    I would like to know where can I purchase the Lucky Chances DVD, I have been looking for this for such a long time, since I remember watching the mini series on TV as a child.

  2. Lisa Gabriel says : Reply

    I would like to buy the Dvd how do I go about it

  3. Mary Austin says : Reply

    I would like to find a copy, I was an extra and Sandra Bullock was an amazing, gracious and funny girl…

  4. Samira says : Reply

    Jackie Jackie. You sure rock the house girl with your novels. Right now I’m reading Chances & Love every mintue of it. & Guess what Jackie? I’ve managed to find the Lucky Chances on you tube. I’m really enjoying watching it. Hope I’ll manage to get the DVD soon. Looking forward for your next novel. Lucky is Back on the Block.

    Huges & Kisses

  5. IGT says : Reply

    Where can I order the US DVD of the Lucky Chances/Lady Boss Mini Series? Loved the book and then the TV series. Have researched all over and can’t seem to find a US version of the movies. HELP!!

  6. Jill says : Reply

    I would like to know where can I order the US DVD of the Lucky Chances/Lady Boss Mini Series as well.

    can someone please e-mail me???

  7. Albany says : Reply

    Hey everybody I just purchased mines from

  8. Jenna says : Reply

    I have only been able to find the DVD in Australia format which will not play on our version of DVD players in the US. Has anyone found a US version?

  9. yvonne says : Reply

    Nicollette Sheridan is not who i would have picked to play lucky, shes not what i imagine when i read the books and the books are fantastic xxxx

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