Paris Connections

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Paris Connections

Directed by award-winning British director Harley Cokeliss (An Angel for May), the Paris Connections screenplay is adapted by Michael Tupy from the novel LA Connections by Jackie Collins.

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Synopsis of Paris Connections

Beauty has always been an ugly business.

One of the world’s most popular authors, Jackie Collins brings her glamorous vision to the city of light in a story of:

  • GLAMOUR: the world of high fashion is a bewitching one
  • SEX: passion cannot be denied
  • OBSESSION: it takes more than ambition to make it
  • MURDER: there are some secrets worth killing for

The beautiful star of PARIS CONNECTIONS — investigative journalist Madison Castelli (Nicole Steinwedell) — is about to learn this lesson and many more.

When a stunning young model featured in her last expose is brutally murdered at the beginning of Paris fashion week, Madison senses that this may be more than a ‘crime of passion’. She follows her story to Paris, where she crosses paths with the sexily brooding photographer Jake Sica (Anthony Delon).

Immersed in the luxurious world of TV mega star and aspiring fashion designer Coco de Ville (Hudson Leick) and her adoring Russian oligarch Aleksandr Borinski (British icon Charles Dance), Madison must negotiate a series of suspicious characters to get her exclusive.

But when the bodies start piling up, Madison must do everything she can…

Set against the timeless backdrop of Paris, this is classic Jackie Collins; an exciting tale of intrigue, murder and power told with wit, style and opulence.

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4 Responses to “Paris Connections”

  1. Liko says : Reply

    i do not know this book – or is it only in vidoe’s

  2. Roger Gold says : Reply

    Hi, Jackie. Huge fans of your novels. My sister used to hide your books under her bed (mom was pretty conservative) when we were teenagers. Once I snuck in to vandalize her room (we used to fight a lot at that time) but I stumbled on Hollywood Wives. Was planning to carp on her about the ‘sex book’ but casual flip thru your book and boy I was hooked (I was about 16 then). Now I possess a huge collection of your work.
    I was excited to hear about DVD movie Paris Connections with one of my favorite characters Madison Castelli coincidentally played by an actress from my home state Florida. Nicole is simply gorgeous.
    Just curious about few things regarding the movie.
    [1] Will it be released in US?
    [2] The movie is given NR (Not Rated). One my e-mail buddy from England was at the special screening and he claims it’s just toned down TV-movie. Another guy saw a rough-cut and told me it’s full of nudity. Did you shoot two versions of the movie?

  3. Samira says : Reply

    Hi Jackie. I’ve been a huge fan of yours since I was 22 & I have all your books. I loved watching Paris Connections. Now I’m reading Confessions of a Wild Child & enjoying every moment of it. I Love LUCKY she rocks, better than her daughter Max. You rock the House.

    Your Loving fan from Oman

  4. says : Reply

    is this in book form????

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