Introducing… “Girls Can Do Anything”

Monday, 01 August, 2011 / Published in News

Do you want to participate in the Girls Can Do Anything Promotion? Here’s how:

  • Each week Jackie will call out to fans to post their videos, photos and stories on her Facebook Wall about the extraordinary women in their lives.
  • Before you post, you must fill out the form below. (We’ll need your full name, mailing address and email so you can be entered to win some of the great “Girls Can Do Anything” giveaways. You can enter repeatedly.)
  • Each week Jackie will highlight a phenomenal woman as presented by a fan. The fan will receive a personally autographed copy of one of her books and other prizes available in the Jackie Collins store.
  • Spread the word to your family and friends!

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34 thoughts on “Introducing… “Girls Can Do Anything””

  1. After years of struggling with bi-polar I am finally on the right medication and have successfully re-entered the work force. I’m happy to say I’ve just been promoted and couldn’t be happier at work and at home.

  2. Hi Jackie, I just found out that you are doing a girls can do anything. I really love the books that you write. Hope to read the new one that is out.

  3. I left my story on your wall along with a horrible picture. I have been told that my story needs to be made into a movie/book because NO one has ever heard of this happening to anyone. There are no movies or books about anything I went through the past 4 yrs. I try to stay strong and live each day at a time. Some days are worse than others. When I feel like giving up, I look at the tattoo I got on my left breast where my mastectomy is that says ” Lucky” that I got after reading your book.
    Thank you for your time.

  4. A single mother of two boys, one of which has autism, is celebrating after completing her degree in Public Relations at the University of Bedfordshire.
    And the University was delighted to recognise Laura’s commitment to education in the face of particular challenges by awarding her the Marilyn Barton Memorial Award at her recent graduation ceremony. Laura, who also has a heart condition, said: “It was a massively proud moment that I shared with my family and I got a standing ovation from my fellow students.”
    Laura, who studied as a mature student at the University and gained a 2:1, said: “I believe in working hard to overcome obstacles that try and hold you back in life, and to follow your own path. I think it’s so important to live life to the full and make the most of opportunities that come your way.”
    Despite the challenges she faced, Laura successfully achieved her new job role as Fundraising Officer at Advocacy Alliance. Her dream job has started well. She said: “In my second week of working there, I was asked to help rebrand the organisation and lead the marketing strategy. Advocacy Alliance is an independent charity offering high quality support to vulnerable adults to enable people to solve issues and become active members of their local community. They also provide volunteer placements for social work students from the University to help support their studies and further education.
    “There were many times when I wanted to give up, many times I never felt ‘clever enough’ or ‘good enough’ but I really did walk away from that degree with the biggest sense of achievement ever. If I can do it, anyone can!”
    Laura lives with her best friend friend and their four children between them. Two of the children have Asperger Syndrome and one has Down’s Syndrome.
    She said: “It’s been an exhausting and emotional struggle – fighting against all odds to achieve the best for the children, their education and their future. Working part time throughout my degree also made things challenging. But no matter what, we have never given up, and at the same time I have achieved success in my own education and working career.
    “No matter how tough life can be, there is something about personal success that drives you forward and keeps you going. Getting a 2:1 was the most amazing thing that I have ever done; it is truly life changing.
    “As a single parent, there are money worries, emotional worries, time management issues and often a feeling of ‘swimming against the tide’ – but doing my degree gave me a reason to keep going and helped me value my own self when life is hard.”
    Vice Chancellor Professor Les Ebdon CBE said: “Here at the University of Bedfordshire we transform lives and Laura is a shining example of what can be achieved through determination and dedication.”

  5. hi jackie how are you? i just watched your video on ‘girls can do anything’ is that for usa only or can any one share their stories, i would love to tell you of my achivements, also you look so good im intrested in knowing your skin care what you use,good luck with the gov book being released in september in the us i already have read it and think it is great one of your best reads, will catch you on twitter and keep facebooking. franca de rose.

  6. Jackie – you are so right when you say that girls can do anything. I’ve learned that from the strong women in my life (my mom, my aunt and my grandmother). I have two daughters of my own that I teach that statement to. I have been a single mom for as long as my kids have been around (yes, even when I was married!) When I realized that I wasn’t going to make it financially by working small jobs, I joined the Army (followed my mom’s footsteps). That was the hardest and the smartest decision I ever made! It was hard because I had never been apart from my daughters! It was smart because it helped me develop into the woman that I am today. I joined for my daughters; but I had to get out for them as well. My oldest couldn’t handle the separation and tried to commit suicide….so of course I kissed the Army good-bye! Now my daughters (24 and 19) are doing well for themselves and are considering a tour in the Air Force (I don’t want them in the Army!) I’m a grandmother of two adorable boys (oldest daughters kids) and I’m just hoping that my daughter will reach deep inside and far back to her great-grandmother for that strength to do anything and everything to the best of her ability.

    Keep the books coming! I’ve read them all!!!

  7. When I was a youngster (about 3yrs old) I had a very bad accident & doctors didn’t give much hope of me walking. But in my 20’s I was Camel Racing in Tunisia, swimming with Dolphins of the coast of Gibralter & about 3years ago I was jet skiing & wind surfing out in Honolulu (I’m now 52 years of age). My father – when he was alive – gave me the confidence I needed and often told me “You can do anything that you put your mind to & dont let anyone tell you that you cant do this or that. What do they know anyway”.

  8. i have lived in hollywood,once many moons ago,of course it,s like going through a divorce,i took it very hard,. living in los angeles,i lived around the corner from mann,s chinese theatre,then i moved in with my boyfriend across from maxx factor,it was alot of fun,i was 20,years old,when i returned home before my 21st birthday.but now it was all a dream,away,i lived in my rolerskates,lol slept in them some friends would ask,i met lamar burton,once,we spent two hours just talking being ourselves,it would be nice ,if he remembers who i am/?espescially the time my friend john stopped me coming out of our place,me in rollerskates ,asked me if i wanted a beer,took a little coaxing,but i had two by the time he asked if i want to go pick up his girlfriend,halfways there, i wondered who she was,well she got in a little about me and her,we got along fine,p.s. these were black people,we got drunk a few bottles of conac,then it was 60.00 a bottlewe bought three and our fav,beers went to venice beach,and watched the sunset in santa monica,and then we talked about san fransico,me half drunk decided i’d go with them to san fransico i had only my rollerskates om
    on ,well their friend who drove us to s.f. said he was going to pick someone up,john,s girlfriend said i’ll go with u,she went to her sister,s,he end up dumping her there, and john and i there,waiting,then john phoned his bro,up,see he was a pimp,but i had to look somewhere for some shoes,we finally got some and bus fare back to friend could talk blah ,blah,blah all the way back,i guess my boyfriend dave thought i cheated after not coming home,all my clothes were shredded,but before i left i told this blond chick get out of my bed,threw her out,then i left,the second time was this english,i mean from england,had a black guy outside ,i was fighting both of them in bed,the cops came and i told them what happened,i wasn;t going to jail for some whore,i packed up and left,was back with him till i left hollywood

  9. hello Jackie…I have been a loyal reader of all your books since you started to write. I have accomplished a lot in my 67 years as a single mother raising 2 children now grown. I read your books and I gathered strength from Lucky Santangelo and all of the strong women you write about. Keep going my dear. You have come into your own. My

  10. I have been married for 19 years to my high school sweetheart. We have a 12 year old, autistic son, who was diagnosed at 2 with severe autism. When the doctor’s told me that basically there was no known cure or treatment I was devistated. NEVER tell a mother there is nothing you can do for your child. I started doing extensive research about different therapies and my mom and I came up with our own. I worked full time, my husband worked 2nd shift. My mom worked one on one with our son for 6 hours a day and I did 2-3 hours every evening and 8 hours on the weekends. I still cooked, cleaned and worked. I was exhausted, but now 10 years later, our son is main streamed in school, with no aide. He is doing great and I thank God every day for the strength to not stop. I am an autism Goddess!!!

  11. Hi Jackie,

    What a wonderful idea, yes we girls of no matter what age can do anything !
    I am a dedicated fan from way back.

    Love from The Netherlands,

  12. Hello, I am a 44 yr. old woman who works full time as a teacher, just got my master’s in curriculum and instruction and has two teenaged kids. I have worked out for 16 years and have always tried to be a role model to my 17 yr. old daughter. I want her to understand that it is important to live a healthy lifestyle. This summer I signed up for a boot camp class and it has been the toughest class I ever took. Even though my life is busy, being healthy is very important to me, and I want my two kids to understand that it is important to take care of yourself first. I would have been no good to my kids or my students if I wasn’t living a healthy life. Being healthy allows me to be the best person I can be to others.

  13. I was born a crack baby to a mother who already lost her 4 kids. At the age of 6 my mother left me in a hotel with a man she just had sex for money , to go do her drugs and i was raped. I finally went to live with an abusive aunt who hated me and my mother. I tried to kill myself 3 times as a teenager. WHen i went to high school i was so afraid of dropping out i asked to graduate early, school meant everything to me. I did graduate and went straight to college. I graduated with a bachelors in criminal justice and started working with kids who have the upbringing i did. I love my job in everyway but as of now i am going back to school to be a teacher. I married a man who had a son and soon found out i could not have babies. HIs son has a mother like mine. He calls me mom and i would do anything for him. Often i can help him through his emotions of his mother because of my exp. My story proves that your life it what you make it. You can do anything you want as long as you have it in your heart. The past doesnt matter only present and future does. Also, sometimes your past makes you who you are and that is nothing to be ashamed of. I am proud of who i am and am thankful i can pass these things on to my SON. I rewrote it because of so many errors sorry guys

  14. I’m not sure if this is where you post your story or not but here goes. I don’t like admitting this but I was born to a “lady of the streets”. I was carried in secret during a period of constant drug use so there are many health ailments. By the time I was three there was so much physical and sexual abuse going on it could no longer be hidden. After the courts took me away from my mother my grandparents stepped up to the task of raising me. What a different color the world became. At the age of 17 on my way to school a ex-con attempted to rape me. He only got as far as bursting a vessel in my eye from the punch he tried to knock me out with.I became a single parent to one child that I had as well as two other children I took into my home and raised. I have always worked hard and have always struggled. Just like right now the main water line to my home is broke and it is my responsibility. My grandmother instilled certain things in me that helped me to get through life day to day. Unfortunately three years ago a wheelchair van service dropped my grandmother down five concrete steps. This caused a bleed to the head and she died sixteen days later. Nothing in my life has hurt me as much as this. I’m still misty. In January of this year I finally went back to college full-time nights while working full-time days. I am determined at the age of 48 to finish my college degree and to do it on the honor roll (so far so good). I don’t let my past affect the person I have become. I don’t let my health get in the way, I am in stage 3 Kidney Disease with Asthma, and Heart Disease. I truly believe that (I) girls CAN do anything.

  15. Hello Jackie, I have been reading your booking since the Hollywood Wives series back in the 80’s when my mother read them and told me it was really good. This was really a hard time for me, I had just had brain surgery and I really couldn’t see yet, much less read. Giving me books gave me the motivation to read and get my vision and coordination back, my condition is called hydrocephalus, I still have it to this date, the surgery caused temporary sight loss. Not being able to read was so bad, I could see the words on the page, but couldn’t make out what it meant. Your book Hollywood Wives was one of the first ones I was able to read once I got my vision back, I have had to have surgery 37 times since then, but at least I haven’t lost the gift of my vision again. I value your books so much and look forward to each one. You will always have a fan and a loyal reader in me.

  16. i was left with my family when i was little as my mom came to the states for a new opportunity.i was left with some relatives and the men from my so beloved family raped me once, twice and it seems that they were all together in this because i saw seven men inside of me at the age of 7,8.At last my mother came back for me when i was 9 but since i picture my life with her not with her boyfriend then i got desapointed and became a rebel child soon later my mother started to treat me bad and telling me i was no use for anything and the problems came worse.I had to deal with another language,peer pressure,and mom treating me like a crap.i got a boyfriend who was ganster look but had a great heart inside he took me out of my problems lots of times. But i didnt want to live with mom so i ran off.obviously i got cought and mom and her boyfriend took the desicion to send me back to my original country.Since then i have fought by myself in this country and i have two wonderful kids one girl and one boy im a mother and father for them.I am happy because i will soon be a teacher and i will continue college so i can give a better future to my kids!!! i think i am a girl that can do anything!!

  17. Hi Jackie – my mom gave me the first Lucky book before I went to college (25+ yrs ago) and I fell in love with your writing style (and, of course, Lucky). I have almost every single book you have written and the ones that I don’t have were checked out from the library. My mom is an amazing person. She is there for me at all times and there have been a lot. She is my best friend. She reminds me a lot of Lucky, very strong willed and there for our family always. She doesn’t take any crap! I am a single mother with two daughters and hopefully I have been as good of a mother as she was to me. Keep the books coming!!! I love my sex, drugs and rock n roll!!! Take care!

  18. Hi Jackie! I abosultely LOVE your books and have every single one of them! I will be 38 tomorrow, and after 16 years of marriage (20 years together)we just got divorced this past February, but I had moved out with my 2 kids in October of 2010. He stayed with the house and I moved out and rented an apartment for the 3 of us. It’s been a struggle ever since. He was the one that controled absolutely everything. I work in Customer Service during the day and go to beauty school at night. Things were bad for a long time in the marriage and I was scared to leave because I didn’t think I could make it on my own, but the thing that made me make this move was the last straw…he did NOT want me to go to school. Didn’t think it was the right time. But for me, or for him? Because it felt right to ME! So that’s when I realized that he didn’t really care about me, didn’t want me to better myself, it was all about him and what he could do whenever he wanted, and I just couldn’t. So, happiness was what I wanted. Not a marriage that I stayed in because I was scared. ANYTHING was better than staying in a loveless marriage. Nobody agreed with me. My family thought I was dumb and crazy. To leave a marriage, a single family home, a pool and possibly ruin my kids forever. But I didn’t care what anyone said anymore. I was done doing and saying everything that made other people happy. I had enough. So divorce it was, and so I struggle. But I take the struggle as a sign of my independance. I don’t make much money, and even with my new boyfriend’s help, we struggle every week to pay all the bills. But we always get thru it. I take what life is throwing at me, and I keep going to work, and keep going to school, and keep taking care of my kids. Coming from Portuguese culture like I do, divorce is a big no no. I went against everyone and everything for my happiness, and no one can understand it. But I don’t care. I am happier now – even with all the struggle, and my kids see a happier mom and I don’t regret a single thing!

  19. Hi, Jackie
    I love your books you got me through some real tough times. My girl netta has been to hell and back ,but she is a very strong black woman at the age of 27she has 3kidds age’s 3,4,8. She has been abused and struggled with drugs and addicted to sex at a early age of 13 she. has had poor choices of men but now she is wit me now and we both have a hell of a past and yet we love each other and help one another she is my soulmate!

  20. Hi Jackie,

    I love all your books and have been reading them for years….but I would love to know when you are coming out with a new book based on Lucky and Lenny…..

    Please let me know

    Thank you

  21. Hi Jackie-loooovvveee your books!

    I love the fact us girls really can do anything. This time 10 years ago I was in a terrible relationship with no confidence and zero job prospects. One day something ‘clicked’ in me- the only person really holding me back was me, I’m now married to a fantastic,sexy,respectful man- and have a fabulous career as a Dementia care manager. Within my job I’m always fighting the stigma of dementia-Care homes can be good and people with the illness can still have a fabulous life and achieve so much. They just need a little help-Just like all of us. It wasn’t easy getting where I am now but it was sure as hell worth it-and although I’ve billions of things yet to achieve I want to tell all girls ‘You can do anything’. I’d also advise us to look around now and again too-cos the journey can be pretty fabulous too 🙂

  22. The phenomenal woman in my life has to be Lorraine, She has been such a mentor to me. A brilliant force in modern dementia care-and more importantly drinks and swears more than me! She taught me to re-invent yourself into the person you want to be whilst retaining your true self. Love her to god damn pieces!!! xxx

  23. Hi Jackie,
    i’m 62 and been reading your books forever somtimes i go back an read them again .Because of my health i’m houseridded i can’t wait for your book to come out. your a fantacied writer thank you for all these years of entrtanment with your books

  24. Hi , I am not able to register on ”girls can do anything” I am a south african and my number is 012 6430-194 it keeps saying error on the number, pls advice

  25. Jackie

    I have read all of your books and cant get enough… a matter of fact i read Goddess of Vengeance already and talk about a book i did not put down LOL….my hubby ordered it from England and i got it and read it in 3 days….love love love your books….please keep going!!!!!!!!

  26. “Yes girls can do anything”
    we have babys dont we, man dont.
    untill that day with man having babys we can do anything..

  27. Hi Jackie,
    I learned from an early age that girls can do anything from my mom. When I was about 6 years old my father hurt his back and had to have surgery. He had to go into the VA hospital about 60 miles from our home. My mom was left to care for the three of us. She took us skiing ecer4y weekend that winter, working at the ski resort in trade for our tickets. We ended up on welfare, and my mom took in ironing for extra money. A few years later after my father went back to school for re-training. We had to move, and things looked better. Then my dad got transferred, and we moved away from my older siblings. A few years later my grandmother’s health worsened and she moved in with them, and my mother cared for her as long as she could. After my grandmother passed away my father’s health got worse. He had heart surgery, and vascular surgery. A few years later my mom got breast cancer. I cared for her while she fought through it, while caring for my 2 young girls too. During this time my husband was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue. My mom passed away 6 years ago from COPD. My husband and I bought our first house and moved my father in with us. Dad also suffers from COPD. He is on oxygen, diabites, fall risk, and has seizures. Many of the things 84 year old’s deal with. My girls are both married, but both have taken turns moving home when marriages didn’t work out. I am 51 years old, have lost 60% use of ankle, waiting for worker’s comp to approve transplant.I worked with special education children when I got hurt, and because of the pain and instability I can no longer do the job I loved so much. I love my life, grateful to have my hubby and father with me every day. I learned early on from my mom that girls can do anything by just getting up every morning and doing it. That is the way I am living my life, and have taught my daughters to live.
    Thank you for writing your books about strong girls who can do anything too.

  28. Jackie, I have read all your books and entered your contest girls can do anything. I would love to read your own personal story, I have read some of your books 3 or 4 times. You are awesome. I hope you continue to entertain us for many more years.

  29. Hello Jackie,

    What a true pleasure it is to be writing to you , I love you and your Lucky 

    I am sure that you must be suspicious of some of the sad stories and I do wish mine was a fabrication but sadly it is not .

    I am the USA , My mother and younger brother were abused by my I will call him ‘ the natural ‘ my Mom was only 15 when she married him , anyhow she finally had enough of the beatings and drinking and left him , he killed himself soon after.

    My Mom remarried a wonderful man and he adopted us , all was right with the world . I like a moron got married at 18 , my husband cheated on me , after brushing myself off I remarried at 22 he was verbally abusive and wouldn’t let me even wear make-up but not all the time so I just got used to his mood swings ,I became pregnant at 23 and in my 6th month I was taking a shower and started bleeding badly I was rushed to the hospital discovered that my cervix was weak due to a drug that was given to my Mom to advoid miscarriages named DES , I was in the hospital for a month on bed rest sadly after they couldn’t stop the labor again and after a 2 hr delivery my ill 1.3 oz angel was born , Kara , she never made a sound and died in my arms . My soul still aches over her death .

    A few years later he also cheated on me and took everything and I mean everything , the car ,the furniture everything , I just wanted this horrible union to be over so I let him take it all , he would come to my brothers house with his new woman to try to hurt us , why I have no idea . I was sued for the things he took because they were in my name . My Mom tells me that God took my Kara so I didn’t have a lasting connection with him , I wish it would have been another way than taking my baby.

    So I moved in my best girlfriend shook myself off and met a man at work that I am completely blessed to have , we have been married 11 years and for the first time in my life feel complete , I wish I could post a pic of the ‘ Panther ‘ bracelet he bought me because I love Lucky so much and he picked up one of the books and saw the name ‘ Panther Studios ‘ with the price of gold now I bet it it’s almost as expensive as a studio 

    So I guess I do feel Girls Can do ANYTHING , if you don’t let the idiots and demons get you .

  30. I love reading your books. I have read them all.

    Girls Can Do Everything:
    My mom was a very special person. She never complained when living on Oxygen for 6 years. My sister quit her job and moved in with her so she could live with dignity. The only thing wrong with my mom was she had a hard time breathing.
    She had a special wheelchair so the oxygen could be put in the back of it and we always took her out to see what was doing outside of her apartment.
    My sister had ovarian cancer, stage 3,8 years ago and thankfully made it through the terrible chemo and she also had the best attitude which my mother instilled in us. Now, my sister is going through thyroid cancer and waiting to be operated on, which is taking a long time because of the medical system in Quebec, Canada and she still has a great attitude. “Girls can do Everything”

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