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Tuesday, 05 July, 2011 / Published in News

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18 thoughts on “Jackie Collins’ World Sweepstakes”

  1. Ms. Collins,
    My name is Lisa L. Carskadon. I wanted to tell you I have been a fan since the early 80’s gosh can’t believe I’m saying that but it is true.. I had never read a novel before and by chance I stumble on to one of yours..Never put the book down the whole weekend.. I know there are many other talented authors out there. I have never read another authors books.. Your the BEST!!!!I’m like a little kid when one of your novels is released.. I want to Thank you!! I hope this will make your day!! As you have made my day on many occasions.. Can’t wait until Goddess of Vengeance is released. May you have a very blessed day!!
    Lisa L. Carskadon

  2. This is great Jackie. You are full of surprises indeed. Love your books Jackie. We sure stay up all night. I’ve bought GOV in amazon uk. Enjoying it. Have a great day & hope I’ll be the lucky one.



  3. Hi,

    i am actually really disappointed that this contest is only open to us residents as i have bought and read Goddess of vengance already, as its eben out in England for ages..
    i have also just posted a very favourable review on it on Amazon.co.uk.

    Good luck to all those that enter and maybe if you do this again you could consider other countries too Jackie.

    eagerly awaiting your next book

    Worcester, England..

  4. Its simple, Im addicted, cant get enough…
    Ive read them all.
    My very 1st was Lovers and Gamblers when I was at High School.

  5. When I’m not reading case law, you’ll find me reading a Jackie Collins novel. She’s simply the best!!!!

    Counting down the days to Goddess of Vengeance arrives…

    Erica Smith, J.D.,LL.M.

  6. Jackie, you are the best author out there, I can hardly wait until your next book comes out! It’s like that everytime I finish one of your novels!!! I read them over & over again. It would be nice if your books became movies, like “Chances” & “Lucky”. I see Eva Longoria as Lucky…George Clooney as Gino. Lol =) Anyways, keep doing what you do, i’ll always be a fan!!!

  7. Hi Jackie,
    i pre-ordered GOV from Amazon and entered the contest, but it does not say where to send the receipt. Please let me know where I need to send it! Thanks and hope all is well! Regards, Karen

  8. Hi Jackie
    I just finished reading goddess of vengeance and it is amazing! i could not put it down, i read it in 1 day.
    I love bobby and denver!


  9. Hello Jackie,
    Just wanted to say thank-you for the autographed picture.LOVE IT,LOVE IT!!Still continue to read your awesome books.Again thanks for the pic..

    1. sounds like my sister Kim. We’ve read all your books and she told me she got an autographed picture from you.. One year at Christmas we got each other the same book of yours!! Mine was the taped version and hers was a hardcover..Can’t wait for the new one!!

  10. Hello Jackie! Me and my wife would like to see in your books Russian, for example – my name 🙂 Thank You for Your great work!

  11. Hi Jaackie.

    I´ve already ordered and received my copy of GOV since I live in Sweden,I finished it within a week.I love your books,you are one of my favorite authors.I hope to be the lucky lady to win.Have a nice day.

  12. Dear Jackie,
    I am so excited! I love your character, Lucky Santangelo!! I will definitely be reading this book!!!

  13. I have read every book I in fact I have collected them all in hard back got hooked when i read Chances then Had to continue to see ALL Lucky’s Adventures and conquest the Lovers and excitement I am Surprised more movies have not been made to continue the lives of the Santangalos Please continue I love them

  14. Hi Jackie
    You have been with me like family since i was a teenager
    but have to say just like your books you can choose
    friends but not your family, You have inspired+addicted
    me since Hollywood Wife’s I don’t think I’ve missed 1 book
    But get so addicted sometimes I won’t read a book until I
    Know I have the next one, bit crazy like your books but brilliant
    Too knowing nxt book under bed.
    Very frustrated last few yrs as due to severe arthritis which
    now affects eyes very badly can’t read as much or as quickly
    LA WHEREVERS IN BOOK+will never stop me would have to
    Get audio tapes (if available ) TBH a question I wanted to ask
    Reading YOUR BOOKS gives me the BEST FEELING IN WORLD
    Your Fantastic,
    Thank You for being with me through Your Books
    Pam xxc

  15. Hi Jacky

    Guess what. On the 20 July 2011 i went to exclusive books to check if GODDESS OF VENGEANCE IS AVAILABLE. and oh my God is was there. I am broke now but i am going to buy it on the 1st of August(pay day)lol!

    In the meantime i am re-reading POOR LITTLE BITCH GIRL and it is like i am waiting for monday for Lucky and family. Already i cant wait for the book beause i know i am going to feel so loney after next week(after reading Goddess of Vengeance)

  16. i read the stud sometime in the late 80’s.i was 10 when i read that amazing book.i’m 31 now.the stud really molded my lifestyle and turned me into a real life, super stud.thanks Jackie, for aiding the development of my wonder mojo thru your high octane writing.i love you so much and i’ll read your books till my casket drops.you remain my favourite. 1 love!

  17. Hi Jackie! Huge fan of your books, it’s currently 11:43 pm and I’m reading “Lovers and Players”, love, love! I hope you consider me as a character for an upcoming book. It would be wild and amazing! Love, Tammy

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