Jackie Collins’ “The Love Killers” Optioned for Film!

Thursday, 11 April, 2013 / Published in News

the-love-killersWith over 500 million copies of her books sold in more than 40 countries, and her current novel, A POWER TRIP, on the top of the best seller lists, Jackie Collins has extended an option to producer Jay Weston for the film rights to her novel, THE LOVE KILLERS, which had been a number one best-seller on The New York Times list.

Weston notes, “This is a book which I have always coveted, but until we developed a screenplay that worked, Jackie was reluctant to give us the movie rights. Then screenwriter James Hammons wrote a script which solved the intricacies of the story, and Ms. Collins agreed to our plans for filming this gripping tale.”

Jackie’s sizzling female revenge story, interwoven by Hammons with today’s headlines of sex slavery and who controls it, details the life of powerful Russian mob boss who becomes angered that someone is cutting into his sex-trade profits. Needing to control his threatened prostitution empire, the Russian contracts a hit on a beautiful crusader who is persuading women to escape the illicit sex-slave ring. Unaware that this outspoken liberator has loyal family and friends, the mob boss has her brazenly blown away on a New York stage during a packed ‘freedom’ rally.

Three extraordinary women — the crusader’s sisters — rise to the challenge. In a sisterly promise, they vow revenge on the Russian in a way to hurt him most: using their bodies and sexual wiles to entice and bring down the mob bosses’ three beloved sons.

One sister, innocent-seeming Beth, goes after the oldest married son in New York. Kinky underground film star Rio will seduce a younger son in Miami. Gorgeous jet-setting model Lara will ensnare the son in Los Angeles. But it’s a dangerous game, heating to spell-binding intrigue, murderous suspense, raw eroticism and sudden passion, as these three sensational women exploit the son’s overblown sexual egos which prove too inflexible to survive.

Weston notes that Jackie Collins, one of the world’s top-selling novelists, has had 28 New York Times’ best-sellers to her credit. “Her hard-to-put down books are grounded in truth, laced with a bracing shot of humor. Vanity Fair has called Jackie ‘Hollywood’s own Marcel Proust. ‘The Love Killers’ illustrates a great storyteller at the height of he powers and we hope to transfer this to today’s film screens.”

Jay Weston has been a successful film producer for more than 40 years, and his Billie Holiday biofilm, :”Lady Sings The Blues,” achieved five Academy nominations. He is equally proud of having co-produced Director Billy Wilder’s last film, “Buddy, Buddy,” with Walter Matthau and Jack Lemmon. Other Weston films featured Carol Burnett and Alan Arkin, Clint Eastwood, and Rod Steiger as W. C Fields. He is looking forward to making “The Love Killers” with Ms. Collins this year.

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