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Be sure to check in for updates on more Jackie Collins appearances.  You’ll see her later this month on “BETHENNY”, as well as “VERIA LIVING”–air dates will be posted on the APPEARANCES page soon.

2 thoughts on “More from Jackie and “THE LUCKY SANTANGELO COOKBOOK””

  1. Dear Jackie,
    I finished reading, Confessions of a Wild Child. That book was extremely awesome. I could not put it down. Are you going to be writing any more books about Lucky, and The Santangelos? I hope so. If so, when is the next book coming out? I brought the Lucky series all over again to read, that’s how good your books are. I don’t usually do that with books I read, but the books you write about Lucky are excellent. Please continue to write more books about the Santangelo clan. Keep up the excellent work that you do.

  2. OMG I can hardly wait for June to get here. I just love all your books, But the Lucky ones are my all time favorite. Thanks so much for all your wonder books. They make reading fun.

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