Jackie’s Last Letter to Readers

Saturday, 03 October 2015 / Published in News

jackie-collins-letterHow fitting that the woman who held Hollywood’s deepest secrets, kept her own Stage 4 Breast Cancer diagnosis quiet for the past six and a half years. Jackie was determined to live her life fully and without limitation. She wrote about strong women, because she was a strong woman, and believed that girls could do anything … she certainly did.

To you, Jackie’s loyal reader, we thank you for the tremendous joy you brought to her life. She loved writing for you, and it was her love of family and writing that kept her vibrant and driven to the very end.

With October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Jackie sat down with People Magazine in early September to exclusively divulge her diagnosis in the hopes of saving lives. And after returning to Los Angeles from her UK book tour to launch The Santangelos, she was eagerly anticipating the US/Canada eBook release of The Stud, and had written the following newsletter to include both announcements.

And so we share the following message Jackie had for you…

Hi there ~

As you may have recently heard, I revealed that I have been LIVING life to the fullest with Stage 4 Breast Cancer for the past six and a half years. With October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, my message is this:

Early detection can save lives! Get regular mammograms, and/or tell your loved ones too. Low cost or free mammograms are offered through many national programs and community organizations, so do your research.

Even if you’ve been screened, and you have a gut feeling that something in your body is off, get a second opinion!

Cancer does not have to be a death sentence! You, or someone you love, can live an extraordinary life regardless.

Be kind and be grateful. Never underestimate the power of your mind. Embrace what you love, and LIVE life to the fullest, as tomorrow is not promised to any of us.

Whatever your pain or struggle in life, don’t allow it to turn you into a victim… let your battle turn you into someone else’s hero!

For the month of October I will donate 20% of my self-published book sales (see below list), with proceeds going to the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

Keep your comments coming on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter… you know I love hearing from you. I’m off to keep writing!

Stay healthy, stay lucky and take chances!


13 Responses to “Jackie’s Last Letter to Readers”

  1. Pamela Turner says : Reply

    I only started reading Jackie’s books after her death was announced. I am fascinated by them and can’t believe I did not read them sooner! I just read what I believe was her last book, Santangelos. WOW UNBELIEVEABLE! Jackie you will be missed! R.I.P.

  2. Joyce says : Reply

    Just gave me strength!

  3. Brynn Dockstader says : Reply

    Jackie has given me the strength to sit down and write my stories after 40 years of working in criminal court. I am hoping and praying that I will be successful after putting in the hard work. Thank you, Jackie for being you and for giving women a tremendous example to live by. She will live forever through her work!!

  4. Laura Ellison says : Reply

    I have been trying to find Jackie’s latest books and have been unsuccessful. Apparently, the Target stores have pulled them off their shelves, is there a reason why Jackie’s books are so hard to find? I started reading Jackie’s books in the 1990’s and have enjoyed them, especially the Santangelo series, I just cannot get enough. Jackie wherever you are, you are the ultimate woman when it comes to strength and brains. Jackie you showed extreme grace and bravery through your diagnosis and sent a clear message to all the women of the world to go forth and live life to the fullest and to make the time to listen to your inner voice and when in doubt to ask for a second opinion. Thank you for the joy, and for the loving message to all.

    • Callie says : Reply

      You can find many of her books on Amazon, at Barnes and Noble (also on their website), and possibly the Walmart store (I see quite a few of them also on Walmart.com).

    • Shay says : Reply

      You can get all of them on Nook Books or thru Barnes & Noble website. Prices are pretty decent.

  5. Liz mifsud says : Reply

    I was heartbroken when I heard the news of her death… I have been reading her books for the last 24 years, and waited eagerly for her next novel to come out…

    Dearest Jackie you will be sadly missed


  6. Doreen says : Reply

    i am sad about Jackies passing I have read almost all her books and always thought of her as a super strong women that I looked up to. She wrote wat she wanted and loved her live as she wanted. My idol??

  7. Ricki says : Reply

    Devistated ! Great author and woman. I own everyone of her books and will miss reading them. Noone can stack up to her in this category of writing.
    You will be missed !!!

  8. My meal just lost its flavour. I have read Chances and Married lovers. My heart goes out to the family.

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  9. Jacqueline Brant says : Reply

    My baby sister passed away from breast cancer at the age of 39, just 8 days shy of her 40th birthday. She ALWAYS remained positive and strong!! I’ve been a huge and loyal fan of Jackie Collins since I read her first novel…53 now and still reading her books!! She was such an incredible, strong, intelligent and beautiful woman!! I’m suffering from aggressive MS, degenerative bone disease, RA, and a few more. I found out it was in my brain, which caused optic neurosis, and am going to be completely blind from this disease, amongst other things. I corresponded with Jackie, she knew what I was going thru, and sent me a signed book of LUCKY and a picture of her. In her inscription, she told me to stay strong, positive and gave me her love…Jackie Collins passed away 3 days later…she was dying, yet took the time to reach out to me when I needed a friend!!! I know what she went thru and the pain from cancer is just horrible. Jackie sent me several emails, knowing I had this disease, and told me she supported a lot of charities for diseases, MS being one of them. I will forever be grateful to Jackie for being such a role model and ICON in my life!!! I keep her daughter’s in my prayers and know she’s watching over them as is my sister, my mom and all the loved ones we have all lost God bless to her family and for keeping her spirit alive in her fans hearts!!! Thank you so much for the free book!!!! I have EVERY book on hardcover and thought I bought them all again for my Kindle…didn’t have this one!!! I rarely share my life with anyone, we all have issues, but I was so overwhelmed by the love and generosity from Jackie, sending me that book, telling me to stay strong, it was just an incredible story and I wanted to share that with her fans!! She truly loved us all!!! As I will forever love and admire this brilliant woman…

  10. She was one of my favorite writers and I read all her book’s I would go into Barnes and Knoble and the first place I would go was to see what books by Jackie Collins were new that I had not read yet .I loved her book’s so much I could not put them down she was an amazing writer who made you feel like you see what was happening .I stayed up many night’s reading her book’s because I could not put them down.I’m going to miss her so much She will missed by many prayers for her and her family

  11. anna saidi says : Reply

    Jackie Collins was my favourite author, especially when she wrote Thrill. You wil be greatly missed

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