Poor Little Bitch Girl Review Winner!

Wednesday, 31 March, 2010 / Published in News

Hey everyone,

This is Ericka Church who won three personally autographed copies of my books for the best review of “Poor Little Bitch Girl.”  Clever girl!  Love your review Ericka, and you’re looking good!



Poor Little Bitch Girl By Jackie Collins – A Review by Ericka Church
The fabulous Jackie Collins does it again! Poor Little Bitch Girl is a book full of excitement, mystery, sizzling sex, hot rich men, beautiful powerful women and a brutal murder. After reading the first sentence, you will not be able to put Poor Little Bitch Girl down. The handsome Bobby Santangelo, son of the beautiful powerful Lucky Santangelo, owns the hottest club in New York. Every woman wants Bobby and who can blame them? Denver Jones is a breath-taking sharp LA attorney. Carolyn Henderson is an assistant and lover to a married Washington senator. The sensuous Annabelle Maestro, daughter of two movie stars, is the madam that famous and only the wealthy go to for the loveliest ladies to spend hot steamy quality time with. She always felt like the imperfect daughter. If Daddy Dearest only knew about her successful business. After Annabelle’s mother, a gorgeous movie star was found shot to death in the bedroom of her Beverly Hills mansion,five friends were brought together by this tragedy. Secrets from the past always have a way to come back and haunt. Poor Little Bitch Girl is a sexy exciting page turner novel. Add some sizzle to your life and get a copy today!

16 thoughts on “Poor Little Bitch Girl Review Winner!”

    1. Thanks Nancy! I still need to read Strawberry Wine. You are an excellent writer. I am happy to have met you. 🙂

  1. I want to also thank Sarah Summers for the great job she did on my hair before we took this photo. Sarah did an amazing job coloring, highlighting,lowlighting and styling my hair. You rock!

    ~Ericka Church~

  2. WOOHOO!!!! You go girl!!! I’m glad that I actually know someone who really won something…lol…YOU ROCK ERICKA!!!!!!

    I read the first chapter and now I HAVE got to get my hands on a copy!!!

    1. I would rather be a winner than a looser Anita! Bwahahaha! And No. You Rock!!! Yes, do get the book because it is fanfuckingtastic!!!!

    1. Thanks Erin 🙂 Hey everyone. Click on my sis Erin’s name and her website will pull up. She saves a lot of face!!!!

  3. Wonderful review,direct and to the point.Can´t wait to get my hands om a copy after reading this.Congratulations on your win!

  4. read this book on holiday a few weeks ago – excellent.

    just bought and watched already the DVD Paris Connections – again excellent – like reading a book in 84 minutes!!

    cant wait for more and have written on my calender to get the new book next year!

    Thanks Jackie – you rock..

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