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Monday, 22 February, 2010 / Published in News

Remember … whoever posts the best one-paragraph review of Poor Little Bitch Girl on my site by this Wednesday, February 23rd will receive a special personally-signed copy of it, along with signed trade paperbacks of Drop Dead Beautiful and Lovers and Players.  So get going!!

5 thoughts on “Write a review – win 3 autographed books!”

  1. I absolutely love books like these! It takes a lot for me to actually sit down and read a book with enjoyment. I love books that make me go ‘Oh not she didn’t!’ or ‘Ooh! So scandalous!’. I want to read a book that I can relate to. Maybe some of the things about having affairs and sleeping with two different men at the same time, might not be on my schedule, but I like reading a book that I can have a character relate to my personality at times. And also make me want to put myself in their shoes. And I don’t even know if I can put this as a review of your new book because I haven’t read it yet. (But I saw it at Border’s and it totally caught my eye, but I was in a rush!) But from just looking at the other books you have written and their summaries on Barnes and Nobel.com, makes me want to go write a book myself. I live for characters that don’t hold back on how they feel. I’m sure that I’ve felt that way too. And I love reading books like this one, that are like ‘Oh my god Cindy! Did you hear about Brittany yesterday? She slept with Bob who married to Alison’s sister’s cousin!’ ‘No way Susie! I’m so telling Jen right now!’ It makes me feel like what goes on in my head is normal. I might not have much drama as some characters or their experiences, but when I look at this cover or any cover of your books, I see adventure and gossip and a total realness of what I see going on in the world. SO THANK YOU JACKIE!

    P.S. I am going to buy Poor Little Bitch Girl this weekend! Even if I have to beg my mom (I’m under eighteen yes, but my mind seems to be in a 28 year old mind set. I’m old enough to read books like these just so you know.) and wait another week to get it, if she has something to do. I will be at that bookstore! In line with my $30.00 walking proudly out the door with my very first Jackie Collins book. I’m super excited!

    Love and Smiles–
    Your new #1 fan.

  2. Jackie you really rock girl. I’m so glad to read this Novel last year. I couldn’t put it down. I just love the way you write about Powerful Women & Men too, Gays, Lesbians it’s really a HOT Novel. Poor Little Bitch Girl even the title of book turns you on. My favourite Bitch was Denver Jones the Hot Fabulous Lawyer.. I just love it when she keeps herself busy, had two SEXY Men Oh La La. Being with Bobby was amazing. I’ve got the UK Version & I received on your birthday last year, that’s something I can’t forget. I really love the US Version Cover it’s HOT. I would love to get my hands on. I Love the idea of Kidnapping Carolyn since the poor thing got herself pregnant with that Son of A Bitch Dude. Annabelle anther Bitchy Woman, I felt sorry for since her Parents never gave her the time of the day & seems to hang out with the wrong guys. & this Frankie’s drug Dude what a waste time being with guy like him. It will be a Sizzling Spectacular if you make this as Movie, just like you did for The Bitch & The Stud. Keep Writing Jackie & Keep Up the Excellent work.

    Hugs & Kisses

  3. Jackie Collins is back with one of her most sauciest books ever. Her characters in this book include the young hot sexy Bobby Santangelo (Lucky Santangelos son), the bitchy bad girl Annabelle leading a double life with her boyfriend Frankie that her famous parents don’t know about and the racey young lawyer Denver Jones. In true Jackie style there is a mystery murder,sexy moments and some bad as bitchy strong characters.

  4. The fabulous Jackie Collins does it again! Poor Little Bitch Girl is a book full of excitement, mystery, sizzling sex, hot rich men, beautiful powerful women and a brutal murder. After reading the first sentence, you will not be able to put Poor Little Bitch Girl down. The handsome Bobby Santangelo, son of the beautiful powerful Lucky Santangelo, owns the hottest club in New York. Every woman wants Bobby and who can blame them? Denver Jones is a breath-taking sharp LA attorney. Carolyn Henderson is an assistant and lover to a married Washington senator. The sensuous Annabelle Maestro, daughter of two movie stars, is the madam that famous and only the wealthy go to for the loveliest ladies to spend hot steamy quality time with. She always felt like the imperfect daughter. If Daddy Dearest only knew about her successful business. After Annabelle’s mother, a gorgeous movie star was found shot to death in the bedroom of her Beverly Hills mansion,five friends were brought together by this tragedy. Secrets from the past always have a way to come back and haunt. Poor Little Bitch Girl is a sexy exciting page turner novel. Add some sizzle to your life and get a copy today!

  5. Why do so many people pick up trashy magazines about girlfriends of footballers with no style or personality, trashy celebs with more fame then talent or seedy girls cashing in on a kiss and tell.

    If more more young women picked up “Poor Little Bitch Girl”, “Married Lovers”, “Lovers and Playrs” or any Jackie Collins creation they could read about powerful women with personaility, style, and substance. Women who overcome the negatives of thier lifes by being the best and not accepting the average. and they may just learn something.

    Her books excite, inspire and keep the reader gripped throughout with great chracters, exoctic locations, thrilling twists, and steamy sex!
    As I close the last page of one book i’m already reachng for the next sensational story.

    Thank God for Jackie Collins!

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