Celebrity Photos From The Poor Little Bitch Girl Tour

Tuesday, 06 April, 2010 / Published in Photos

7 thoughts on “Celebrity Photos From The Poor Little Bitch Girl Tour”

  1. Dearest Jackie,

    The Pictures are FANTASTIC girl. Sade looks beautiful as ever. I just finished watching her new clip Solider Love. Hope to hear from you soon.

    Hugs & Kisses


  2. That your second pics with Sandra was 2derful. Her posture was what made it unique. The one with Sade was equally nice. Do greet Sade 4 me when next u see her. Tell her Olabinjo T. sends his regards from Nigeria.

  3. Hey Jackie, my name is Miriama (Mary-armor.) I’m thirteen and recently brought your book from a library.. DROP DEAD BEAUTIFUL. I’m 13 and loving it, even though there are some parts I shouldn’t know of. But other then that it’s amazing! My mum borrowed the book because she wanted to read it. I’m up to chapter thirty two and I’ve only had it two days.

    Well I cant believe I’m technically asking a celeb a question. So I should go before I go a bit fan crazy:) but thank you for listening.

    By the way I’m a big fan of Sandra especially in THE BLIND SIDE. that is no doubt a truly amazing story, you both are looking beautiful:) good luck with your next book, lots of love from a two day-forever fan. Bye x.

  4. Jackie Collins…I think I am in love with you. I’ve only read one of your books, Drop dead beautiful, and I’m hooked! You are an extremely talented woman, and your writing keeps me intrigued and i am unable to put the book down. I have recently found out that you have written many other books, and i cannot wait until i get a chance to read them. Im reading this book for my english class and i have to present it soon, so i hope my teacher is thrilled that i chose to read one of your books. I have plenty of respect and love for you. You’re an idol.

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