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Monday, 23 November, 2009 / Published in Press

I shrieked with delight when this book landed on my doormat, too. Jackie Collins is also an undisputed genius in my mind – and if you don’t believe me then let the facts speak for themselves: she has sold more than 300 million copies of her 26 books in 40 countries.

That’s a truly amazing amount of fans we are dealing with here, so it would be churlish – and stupid – to write her off as trashy and inconsequential, as so many of the chick-lit haters are wont to do.

There is a definite hierarchy within chick lit – and Collins and Keyes are right at the top of the tree. People who can’t see or don’t acknowledge this fact are missing the point and missing out.

To add grist to their boring mill: I think Collins is also a very important feminist of our time. Partly due to her own achievements, but also because of the characters she creates: strong women who aren’t afraid to go after what they want, stand up for themselves against the often odious men of the Hollywood world she so brilliantly describes and achieve great things.

Sex, money, power, murder, betrayal, true love – it’s all here in vintage Collins style. Collins’s plots are always a fabulously involved, intricate affair, and this does not disappoint. Also, brilliantly for those of us who miss them like they’re our own family, various members of the Santangelo clan make an appearance. Hurrah. Six stars.
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